Found Here

I find myself here
In this time and place
I surrender my will
To the gift of Your grace

Let path dissipate
In wake of the view
God of the moment
You make everything new

Through gift of the Spirit
Shine Your vision clear
In binding of us
To bring heaven here

Let all my fear flee
May Your will be done
Rejoicing in light
A new way begun

Through passion of Jesus
The Spirit is near
In love of my God
I find myself here

Flowers Gift

Flowers are blooming
All over the place
Gods joy proclaiming
A gift to embrace

Pause now in wonder
Exquisite detail
Blossoms of color
Insights reveal

Drift into the fragrance
Of palettes delight
Depths of their beauty
Lifts Spirit bright

Capture their treasure
Of seeking today
Carry their gifts
Of beauty we pray

A Step Here

I know your fear
Leave it with me
Be of my view
Of eternity

Be of the empty
Allow me to fill
Gifts of the Spirit
My love to instill

Bearing of burdens
Son of the cross
Yolk of uplifting
No matter the cost

Faith be assured
Returning to me
Way of the light
A step here to be

A Sinner In Need

Misled by the world
On Your Word to feed
Returning to You
A sinner in need

Burdens are heavy
To You my soul pleads
Please rescue me Lord
A sinner in need

Mistakes have I many
My weakness concede
Acknowledging fault
A sinner in need

Transform me in love
On way I proceed
Depending on You
A sinner in need

Her Faith

She bows before her Lord
Devoted in her prayer
Fixed within His gaze
Hands raise in the air

Beautiful the binding
Praise she now outpours
God delights in loving
His child He adores

Though covered in silence
The Word shouting clear
One in rejoicing
The Spirit dwells here

Would love to know her story
Of her faith built so strong
Soul building His kingdom
Of which we all belong

Be Now

Calm be now the water
Still be now the air
Empty be the sky
May Spirit now appear

Calm be my emotions
Lord my focus be
Longing of the heart
Receiving love of thee

Still be now my soul
To enter into One
Prayer be of the sacred
Spirit, Father, Son

Empty be my will
Surrendering to You
Gift of all I need
Spirit flowing through

Hear be of the changing
Soul blessed in Your love
Humble be of fragrance
Moved in ways above

Life of Disruption

With You in Your passion
Oh Lord, please let me be
Coming with a challenge
The letting go of me

A life of disruption
Comes time of suffering
Purging of my sin
One of offering

A life of commitment
Of the Fathers will
Without the love of You
One I can’t fulfill

Prayer of deep devotion
With God that I adore
Gifts received in blessing
Everything outpour

Fear Conquered

Fear of all we humans
Of death cannot deny
One we all will face
No matter how we try

God sent His beloved
To send a message true
That death has been defeated
A gift for me and You

Choice that has been offered
Word to be perceived
Free for us to make
Will we now believe?

Christ fulfilled His passion
Suffered in my stead
Let my soul declare
He has risen from the dead!


Be with me in the morning
Of newness to be blessed
Streaming rays of sunlight
Leaves the soul caressed

God of new creation
Sending message true
To let go of the old
New plans here for you

Way within the calling
To seek the way of light
Moving in direction
Through draw of its insight

Life of the transition
Moment passing through
Be of the eternal
Today be born anew

Sacred Embrace

Settle me now
Oh soul of mine
Treasure of seeking
Of blessing divine

One of surrender
Letting me go
Drifting beyond
Your love to know

Entrance of being
Spirit through me
Flowing in prayer
Binding with thee

Dwelling within
Womb of Your grace
Gift of the Spirit
In sacred embrace