Further Forward

A little further back
I sit from You today
Greater gap between us
Oh Lord, don’t let me stay

Sending of Your Spirit
To fill the empty hole
Drawing of the void
In moving of the soul

Lord be my desire
Seeking of Your way
Gifts within the sharing
For bonding love I pray

One of transformation
Let Your kingdom be
Eye of the souls viewing
Moving heart to thee

Breath of Warming Light

Peacefulness found me
In walk of the way
A breath of warming light
Changed my view this day

Saying, slow it down
Take a moment’s pause
Receiving of reflections
No reason, just because

Seek Your love connecting
In souls of passing by
Gratefulness of being
Sunrise to night’s sky

Moment of the passing
Gently let it go
Gift of the souls view
You wanted me to show

Bridging The Span

Entrance to Your dwelling
Upon doors opening
Immediate the knowing
Presence surrounding

One of reverent silence
Power in the air
If the soul is willing
Transformation occurs here

Surrender to the drawing
Consumed within the way
Fall into this stillness
Wordless way to pray

Drift into the portal
Beyond the way of man
Light engulfing shadows
As Christ bridges the span

Prayer Upon

Morning of the blue sky
Shines on us this day
Clear be the reflection
In vision of the way

Let my prayer be upon
The song of calling bird
Carrying the soul
Into the unheard

Let my prayer be upon
A soft sullen breeze
Peace be in the flow
Encounters be of ease

Let my prayer be within
This morning’s dawning light
Wisdom be revealed
Through Spirits clear insight

Prayer of Alignment

Gift of this new day
I pray now to profess
Framework of desire
Help I do confess

That I will acknowledge
I’m a soul in need
Proclaim that You’re my God
Broken soul concedes

Hope found in awareness
I’ll see You in this day
Through stirring of my soul
Discovered in new ways

Grace blessed in acceptance
Grateful heart is fond
Love showered upon us
One which know no bounds

Movement into action
Through Your source of love
Light of shining clear
Alignment to above

After You

After meditation
Of prayer deep within You
Way a little different
Of seen a transformed view

Step a little slower
Burdens of care less
Gratitude of being
Joy which has been blessed

Heart a little softer
Compassion of the way
Light a little brighter
Beauty on display

Sight a little deeper
Slower way to be
One within the moment
Peace here surrounding

Soul a little closer
To love eternals bond
Prayer of the heart changing
Step into beyond

Separation Calming

Upon the rippled surface
Waves of rise appear
Separation calming
Path ahead is clear

As Moses eye did see
A hope within distress
Jesus comes to rescue
Soul from this worlds mess

Wisdom of the way
Flow unto my feet
Light now be my soul
A Savior here to greet

Distractions egos flee
Focus upon You
Will release as dove
Song of message true

Claim the Chosen Gifts

Mortal flesh awakes to
The gift of life this day
Grace is blessed upon us
A choice within the way

Of soul that dwells within
Flesh and human bones
Life of faith that’s lived
In light that God has shown

Will choice be left undone?
No declaration made
Direction of routine
Dwelling in the shade

Urging of the saints
To claim the chosen’s gifts
Calling on the Spirit
Praise here to lift

House upon the rock
Surround the soul in love
Declare heaven on earth
Shine light of the above

Glimpse of Moment

Caught a glimpse of moment
When walking to the store
Light of inspiration
To dwell a little more

Turn of my attention
To Spirit of beyond
One of quiet whisper
In grace we now abscond

Through the prayer of soul
Beauty to unmask
Light of angles shifting
A view in which to bask

God is of surrounding
Presence He outpours
Rest in quiet being
With Him let us adore

Of Being

Lead me to Your light
In the break of day
Drawn into our being
Of blessed time to pray

Wrap me in Your silence
A psalm of praising still
Humbleness of being
Surrender of the will

Bless me with Your mercy
A gift of grace beyond
Gratefulness of being
Longing to respond

Send me with Your calling
A purpose of the way
Living love of being
Shared through light this day