Let My Focus Be

In busy day ahead
Please let my focus be
One of serving You
Will aligned to thee

When stress overwhelms
A pause of silent prayer
Placing trust in You
And wisdom that You share

When pride raises head
Turn my view to see
In Your humble way
That it’s not about me

When time is running short
Let us slow it down
Noticing the needy
May Your love surround

When cross is crushing down
Knowledge here reside
That You are always here
Walking by my side


Sound of Night

Evening rain is falling
Gently touching down
Peepers still are calling
Sound of night surrounds

Awakening of senses
Of wonder and of fear
Attune to sense of hearing
As sight now disappears

If the mind is willing
Releasing of control
A move beyond is calling
A stirring of the soul

Hovering of Spirit
Let gift of peace begin
A prayer of deep is rising
Gently settles in

Waking To

Waking to, this day of rest
One that’s set aside
Soul of restoration
Let Spirit here reside

Accepting invitation
To be with You right here
Gratefulness surrounding
For all the gifts You share

For a life of living
Drawing of the air
Blessing of the light
Vision now be clear

For the way preparing
Savior’s love so pure
Thankful for our being
Bonding we adore

Peace of inner beauty
Arise from Spirits breath
Clinging to our Savior
Who rescues us from death

Something, Nothing, Everything

Something awakened
Something is stirred
Something discussed
Found in Your word

Nothing to offer
Nothing to say
Nothing to need
Only to pray

Everything is offered
Everything blessed
Everything given
Savior professed

One of desire
One of the light
One of the kingdom
A glorious sight!

Jesus My Healer

Oh Jesus, my Savior
To You I appeal
I pray now to You
This soul will You heal

For muscles of weary
Give tired bones rest
In journey with cross
Please this body bless

Of heart that is hurting
For love of much more
Bind it to Yours
The broken restore

Of soul that is lost
No direction is found
Please Spirit descend
With You wisdom abound

Oh precious healer
With love of the true
Be all that I need
Let my answer be You

Walking Along Side Me

I bring my tired bones
And lay them at Your feet
My brain is exhausted
Admitting I am beat

Life is out of balance
Relied too much on me
Didn’t see my Jesus
Walking along side me

Here I find You waiting
With gifts of precious grace
Bearing of my yolk
Find rest in Your embrace

Return me to the vision
One of constant prayer
Joy within our journey
One for us to share

Dependent on Your Grace

Away from You, I was
Breaking of routine
Returning here to You
A different way was seen

Life it seemed was jumbled
Without foundation laid
Too busy for our dwelling
No commitment made

I’d do it on my own
So many things to do
All that didn’t matter
Without focus of You

Let each day begin
To dwell in Your embrace
With prayer of intimate
Dependent on Your grace