Listening Prayer

Oh Lord please let us be
In time of which to share
Let me enter into
A listening prayer

Let my voice be silent
Spirit descend here
Grace of precious presence
Light of love appear

Open ear of soul
Drawing of you near
Surrendering of me
Let your voice be clear

Spirit pray through me
As i disappear
Drifting into You
Soul now be aware

Shepherds Voice

Voice of the shepherd
That we long to hear
Let us discern Him
Whispering here

One of the valley
In darkest of night
When we’ve lost our way
Hope in His light

One of great comfort
When hurt we become
Unconditional love
From Father through Son

One of the gentle
Laughter and joy
Friend of the journey
Bond we enjoy

One of great wisdom
Humble of way
Seeker of peace
Restoration today

One of protection
In shepherd we trust
May His living voice
Flow now through us

To Be Filled

Lord of transformation
Journey home to You
Offering of blessing
Something of the new

Attentive be the heart
Let gift not pass me by
Dwelling in the moment
Let my will comply

To fulfill Your purpose
Light flow to this place
Offering my gifts
Blessed here through Your grace

Above, below connected
Man with God instilled
Prayer of the eternal
A new place to be filled

Forest Deep

Deep within the forest
Treasures hidden there
Breath of purple hew
Is frozen in the air

Song of sparrow sweet
Echoes up above
Silence of the deep
Embraces as a glove

Rippling of stream
Singing song of praise
Caresses jagged rock
Calming flowing waves

Undergrowth’s desire
Stretches for the light
Gifts its offering
In simple color bright

Breeze stirring the movement
Of branches high and low
Growth submits in bending
Whichever way it blows

Dusk of Spring

Sun setting on water
Shining path of light
Ripples of the spirit
Lifting of soul bright

Solitude of flower
In the forest deep
Silence of surrounding
Into being seep

Blossom of the falling
Blanketing the ground
Beauty of abundance
Given fruit abounds

Foliage of cover
Blessing of embrace
Filters noise of useless
Gift of solemn grace

Another Day of Praying

Another day of praying
Which used to be a chore
Transformed within desire
A time, I now adore

Found within my needing
Answers did appear
No hope within the scene
Your light came shining clear

In our quiet silence
A rest in your embrace
Treasures flowing gently
Time of precious grace

Friendship in the bonding
Challenge of the way
Joys and sorrows both
Sharing of the day

Gift of your surprises
Beauty of the deep
Souls of Word in placing
Your touch of love to seep

Life has been transformed
Through drops of simple prayer
I can’t imagine life
Without you dwelling here


Gift of humble beauty
Silent gift of grace
Extended offering
Opens inner space

One that bears it all
Intimate its voice
Drawing of the soul
Deliberate of choice

One of treasure seeking
Wisdom of above
Drawn into connection
Found within His love

Known together staring
Past the eye of seeing
Dwelling with each other
One of fully being

Wave Gaze

Gazing into waves
We find ourselves let go
Rising and in falling
We feel the Spirit flow

One of dissipating
Into body deep
Rising in above
Divine to human seeps

Breathing of the slow
We bask in warmth of light
Moment still of time
Gift of pure delight

Fully present be
In silent word of prayer
Embraced in peace of love
Through Spirit that we share

Jesus Gently Loves

She screeches song of praise
Voice hurting my ear
Jesus hears another
So beautiful and dear

He preaches from the book
Misguidance from lips sprout
Jesus says don’t worry
His path I’ll straighten out

She judges and casts stones
Quotes passages and prays
Jesus guides the proud
In humbleness of way

A server of the Church
In dark of secret shame
Jesus will forgive
Confessed within His name

Blessing of His wisdom
That He condemns not me
That Jesus gently loves
And sees what we can be

Rest in My Light

Rest in my light
For a moment or two
Open the blinds
Let Spirit flow through

Breath of the deep
Your burdens release
Caressed in the warm
Gift of my peace

Embraced in surrounding
Enlightenment seeing
God of acceptance
Our dwelling of being

Word spoken clear
Message of sending
Abundance is blessed
Of love never ending