One Let Us Be

Oh my dear Jesus
Help me to see
No group as other
Only “us” be

Love in the binding
Let no evil stem
Word separating
Speaking of “them”

Those on the margins
Seen invisibly
Draw them into
One unity

No casting of labels
But Word of the we
Cherish the value
Blessed within thee

There is a you
There is a me
But through our Jesus
One let us be

Morning Glory

Waking out of darkness
A morning of glory
One of light abiding
In vision may I be

Pouring into water
Scene the heart enjoys
Beauty of the stilling
Responding with pure joy

Too bright for eye seeing
Closing into prayer
Calling of the deeper
Spirit dwelling here

World filters through eyelids
Spirit stirring deep
Arising into blending
This vision may I keep

Dwell into Blue

In afternoon Spring
Under shade of a tree
A Sunday of rest
I’m blessed to Be

Breeze blowing cool
Clouds drifting by
I lay down my head
To gaze at the sky

Dwell into blue
A color of peace
Burdens below
An easy release

Place of my God
Oh Spirit bestow
Grace of your faith
Transfer here below

Shine O Soul

Sing o bird of mornings song
Echo in the breeze
Psalm of joy comes from the heart
Setting soul at ease

Rise o sun of morning light
Portrait in the dawn
Turning soul unto the Lord
Holy Spirit spawn

Still be of the moment now
Taking time to be
Resting in the grace God
Find him loving me

Shine o soul of love today
Light of you to share
Peace of the eternal way
Flowing from this prayer

Prayer For Your Journey

Let me pray a blessing
Of journey of to be
Showered in His grace
May His light shine on thee

One that grows soul deeper
A view shone from above
Spirit all surrounding
Abiding in His love

May you find in resting
Burdens to release
One of resolution
Covered in His peace

Gifts blessed of arising
To share with brother dear
Answer of the knowing
Return with joy to share


Gathered together
In one place we be
Sharing souls form
A community

Some of the surface
And others grow deep
Something of greater
A bonding here seeps

Together of journey
That we walk along
Need of the quenching
That we here belong

One of the greater
Let focus now see
That God of creation
His purpose it be

Crescent Moon

Stirring of the Spirit
Whispers in the night
Drawing soul above
To turn unto the light

A perfect crescent moon
On palette midnight blue
Casts its word of peace
Providing greater view

A beacon for us all
For those who’ve lost their way
Lost within the darkness
Grasp a new gateway

One of partial view
Of what’s completely there
Reflection of our hope
Spreads its evening prayer

Ahead horizon calls
Prepared for all things new
Grace will cover all
Let me shine with You

Sharing of the Way

Oh my Lord and Savior
How I treasure You
Dependent on Your grace
I’ve learned You see me through

I have come to realize
A practice I portray
A mistruth I’m living
Help me cast away

With only problems big
That I bring to You
With little, I will deal
I’ll know what to do

You offer so much more
In friendship of divine
In my inner being
To share this life of mine

Let us now grow deeper
In sharing of the way
Let me turn to you
In all aspects of my day

Something Like Timothy 2:8

Remember these words
Oh child beloved
That we live with Jesus
Through faith we’ve discovered

We have died with Him
And so we will live
If we persevere
His reign share, will give

If we remain faithful
Faithful He’ll be
If we deny Him
Deny us we’ll see

Of words stop disputing
No purpose it serves
Present yourself eager
For grace undeserved

Taste of Grace

Blessed be the needy
Who fall in Your embrace
Receiver of divine
Taste of precious grace

Gift that melts the heart
Joy abounds within
Treasure underserved
Transforming what has been

Living light of love
Is cast upon the now
Eternal promise shines
Abundance You endow

Oh my brother dear
No greater Word can speak
Than trusting His love
I pray that God you seek