Pause of Eternity

If we’ll take a moment
Before this day, begin
To pause to just to be
Find Spirit dwelling in

We’ll find a gift of peace
Breath in the morning air
In the seeking light
To be found right here

Reception of His gift
Offered here for free
Accepted as His child
Love is finding me

Light is getting brighter
Beyond the now I see
Divine becomes the moment
Pause of eternity

Candle of the Soul

Resting in prayer
To be, contemplate
Spirit descending
Your gift radiate

In glorious Presence
Abundant Your light
Love perfect outpouring
Incredibly bright

Soul of receiving
A basking into
Divine of consuming
Radiance of You

Disciple of sending
Connection extol
Shining Your light
Through candle of soul

Einstein’s Question

There’s two ways to live our life
Einstein’s word recall
Everything’s a miracle
Or no miracles at all

Answer is apparent
The former is the truth
Calling of much greater
Lessons learned from youth

Way of awe and wonder
Through our God of love
Acceptance all through faith
Gratefulness above

Latter way so boring
Relying all on me
Weight so overbearing
No joy in light to see

Let me see with eyes
One of heavens view
To marvel in the gifts
Sent to us from You

Gift a New song

Let a song be in my heart
Let it be of You
Gift me with Your joy O Lord
Your light shining through

For I am feeling empty
No passion in my way
One of the routine
Just getting through my day

Victim to the thief
One of the world below
Bind me as the chosen
So much You want to show

Retreating into prayer
One through souls pure light
Arising from the inner
Emblaze the candle bright

We are called above
One of another place
Bond in love of Christ
Blessed with precious grace


Let me find myself
Dwelling in Your light
One within Your time
Lifting Spirit bright

Let me know myself
As Your beloved son
Value in Your eyes
From which all is spun

Let me be myself
Find my purpose true
Serving of Your kingdom
Focus be of You

Let me lose myself
Focused on Your Son
Surrendering to You
May Your will be done

Doors Locked

I travelled to a Church
Intending to pray
Doors were locked tight
No going my way

I asked my Lord why?
Shook my fist in the air
Disappointed was I
Did my Lord not care?

Watched a movie instead
And went straight to sleep
No time for my asking
To remain in His keep

Awake in the morning
A new view to see
To grow in persistence
Of faith guiding me

My purpose, my plan
No way to be free
My prayer for this day
Let the Lords way be

Glimpses of Your Light

Beyond this world we see
Into one we know
Glimpses of Your light
That you sometimes show

Something of a feeling
A whisper in the dark
Not sure where it came from
Path begins to spark

Whisper of the inner
One Spirit imparts
A voice somewhat familiar
Heard within the heart

Out of human spectrum
Of loves protection true
Past coincidence
The providence of You

Soul’s response is grateful
Message shining clear
A touch of grace is granted
Something greater now is here

Rest Now

Rest now the noise
Watching trees grow
Lifting of view
Internal the flow

Rest now the hands
With nothing to do
Time of receiving
In dwelling with You

Rest now the eyes
View inner the light
Place of the soul
Of deeper insight

Rest now the soul
In heavens embrace
One of depending
For all is Your grace

Display of Precious Grace

In power of Your Presence great
There’s way too much to contemplate

With universe at Your command
How can this soul before You stand?

In one display of precious grace
You run to me with warm embrace

Unworthy turns of shame within
By precious blood You wash my sin

Pure joy of hope rejoices true
Expounding by the love of You

In kingdom join of path anew
This light divine cast holy view

Beyond my mind that I should see
Just let Your love flow out of me