Faith of a Dog

Not sure why we do it
I’ll do it just the same
I’ll place my trust in You
Our friendship here to claim

Too take a leash for a walk
I might say what the heck
No thumbs have I to hold it
So clip it to my neck

I’ll go get it ready
Prepare it now today
For you I’ll be waiting
Let you lead the way

I’ll enjoy the journey
Spending time with you
Connected in one purpose
Sharing the same view

Just like God and I
A leash symbolically
In bearing of my cross
My Lord is leading me


2 thoughts on “Faith of a Dog”

  1. The last stanza..! Wow, it turned the whole poem around. Here I thought its about taking a dog for a walk but it holds so much more meaning, just how a poem should be! Great work ^.^ – Michelle

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