Separation Healing

There’s a separation
A gap found in the bond
With love of the joining
The evil one absconds

Loving God of oneness
We seek Your healing touch
Open wounds of hurting
Find comfort in Your clutch

Through a prayer internal
A seed of love to share
Light of nourishment
Seek to show we care

Spirit of forgiveness
Drive the holy way
Inspire new direction
Reconcile today

Invited The Thief

My God had blessed
The beauty of now
Colors of grace
Gifts He endowed

I opened the door
Let the other one in
The thief who would steal
My joy from within

Whispers of fear
See worries abound
Stealing Lords treasures
Clouds here surround

Withdrawing to prayer
My Lord now to greet
Introducing the thief
Two opposites meet

His power consumes
Let His peace now be
My Savior of love
Sets me now free

Paul’s Boast

May I never boast
Except within the cross
One of Jesus Christ
Treasure through world’s loss

The world is crucified
To me through the one
And I to the world
Through the love of Son

May peace fall on you
And on you mercy be
To those who will follow
The way of this rule, see

From this moment on
No one let troubles make
For I bear the marks
That Jesus did partake

Follow in the way
Gods voice, let soul hear it
May the grace of God
Be now with your spirit

Open Word

In Your peace filled Presence
A simple scene here be
Word upon the altar
Opened symbolically

If the soul is willing
A vision here to see
Light of love is flowing
Calling out to thee

Scriptures word of wisdom
Spoken to the heart
Calling one to action
Insights to impart

Here the Word incarnate
Through sacrifice of Son
Kingdom now is witnessed
Moved through a broken one

Here Is

Here is the time
That I want to be
Deep in our prayer
Just my Lord and me

Here is the air
That I want to breathe
One of Your Presence
Through Spirit perceive

Here is the song
That I want to hear
Beautiful silence
Lyrics You share

Here is the food
That I want to eat
Nourishing soul
With Your treasures sweet

Here is the Word
That I want to speak
Love overflowing
Through heart of the meek

Show Me The Way

Oh my dear Jesus
Please show me the way
That you want me to follow
On my path here this day

My will to surrender
Strong that it be
How good when it feels
It’s all about me

Let choice be another
Through grace of Your Son
To speak through decisions
May Your will be done

Building Your kingdom
Light shining through
Humble love spreading
The peace that is You

Roses Pink

Roses pink of beauty
In Your Presence here
Whispering sweet comfort
Fragrance in the air

Softness of the petal
Delicate of touch
Opening of inner
Welcomes all as much

Rising ‘bove the thorns
Speaks beyond sins past
Ascending into light
In Your mercy cast

Gentle bow of grace
To each within the view
Speaking of Your Presence
Drawing us to You

Take it to Prayer

Morning light is streaming
New day in the air
Gratefulness beginning
Take it now to prayer

Challenges before me
Rising of my fear
Jesus cross of bearing
Take it now to prayer

Weary tank is empty
Soul needing of care
God my source of love
Take it now to prayer

Friend of no hope suffers
Darkness surrounds here
Spirit of light seeking
Take it now to prayer

Day of joy and sorrow
All my life to share
Lord who walks beside me
Take it now to prayer

Glorious the Bond

She rests in meditation
Deep within her prayer
Intimate of dwelling
With Your Presence clear

Word before her opened
Spirit flowing through
Cherishing her soul
Binding deep with You

Light upon her shoulder
Beautiful the scene
Grace is on display
Fragrance so serene

Unseen light is seen
Shining from above
Glowing from within
Displays how much she’s loved

Pathway here is open
Heaven’s gate beyond
Relationship divine
Glorious the bond

One in the All

No word can explain
This emotion beyond
Drawing connection
Love in the bond

Grace that’s bestowed
A falling into
Prayer of the letting
Surrender to You

A drifting, a floating
A dwelling into
Inner most being
As Spirit flows through

Place of the home
Answer of call
Divine of connection
One in the all