Bag of Need

I bring a bag of need
Carried at my side
Place it here before You
My God now to preside

Some of my loved ones
Struggles they face
Please now be with them
With love of embrace

Cross that I bear
Troubles of my own
Needs of my soul
May Your grace be shown

Path that’s confusing
Don’t know the way
Lead me oh Lord
For wisdom I pray

Settle My Soul

Settle my soul
Of Presence so deep
In womb of the Spirit
Peace here now seep

Eye of the world
Closes in dark
In light of the vision
Soul now embark

Ocean of tranquil
Flowing in waves
Soothing the soul
Taste heavens enclave

In wisdom beyond
Trust in unknown
Basking in love
Of purity shown

I’ve Come to Know

Who is the Jesus?
That I’ve come to know
One of the sharing
Please let me show

More that I need. I’ve come to believe.
The more that I give. The greater receive.

More that I ask. His wisdom He shows.
More of His love. That I come to know.

More that I question. I come to conceive..
More that I learn. Amazement perceive.

More that I stumble. His mercy received.
More that I’m humble. His grace is weaved.

More burdens I face. My cross He does bear.
More I surrender. Transformation comes clear.

More I desire. My Lord here to know.
More I become. His love to show.

Voice Discerned

Through a conversation. Listening in prayer.
Quieting of soul. Without a word of fear.

Through the scripture deep. Between the written word.
Insights of the Spirit. Truth is only heard.

Through a humble heart. Voice of open ear.
Knows the inner deep. Accepts you now, right here.

Through His light divine; Word of precious grace.
Peace that draws beyond. To a higher place.

Through a purpose calling. In challenge here today.
Growth through will surrendered. To choose the Holy way.

Through a cross beloved. Connects the soul above.
Inspires joy and hope. Only word of love.

Through our prayer persistence. Relationship to grow.
Voice of the uplifting. That we come to know.

Taste of Heaven

There’s a taste of heaven
In presence of the now
Through window of the soul
May the will allow

Prayer of inner dwelling
Answer to the call
Response to invitation
Ascension in the fall

Spirit in the presence
Soul in unity
With our God who is
Who was and is to be

Gratefulness of grace
Connection here we find
Jesus laid foundation
Of human and divine

Faith of a Dog

Not sure why we do it
I’ll do it just the same
I’ll place my trust in You
Our friendship here to claim

Too take a leash for a walk
I might say what the heck
No thumbs have I to hold it
So clip it to my neck

I’ll go get it ready
Prepare it now today
For you I’ll be waiting
Let you lead the way

I’ll enjoy the journey
Spending time with you
Connected in one purpose
Sharing the same view

Just like God and I
A leash symbolically
In bearing of my cross
My Lord is leading me

Non Angry Sea

Some days the sea is angry
No so as of today
Message shining clear
To soul something to say

Peace the only message
Reaching far and wide
Light greater reflecting
To let Gods way reside

Still the water flowing
As far as eye can see
Soul captured in being
Belonging drawing me

Let me join in purpose
Dissipating me
One of greater being
New way be through thee

Declaration of Dependence

We pray for our country
The red, white and blue
One built upon
The freedom of You

Our founding fathers
Their faith was so true
We pray here today
That spirit renew

State of the union
I’m sorry to say
So disconcerting
That we’ve lost our way

Upon every dollar
Words to remind
In God We trust
Wisdom we find

Oh brothers and sisters
Do not despair
Know of the hope
Of our God in this prayer

American strong
We rise to the fight
Deep from within
To do what is right

A new declaration
Of our dependence
On grace of our God
Of divine transcendence

A revolution
Let us declare
One of Your love
In states everywhere

Crossing of the Sacred

Drawn to Church this Sunday
Way our souls are led
To worship our Creator
Fed by living bread

Found within this blessing
A treasure our God sends
Binding of His souls
Encounter of our friends

One of His love seeking
Connection of a wave
Joy shared in a smile
Something our soul craves

Crossing of the sacred
One that warms the soul
Word that is ordained
Love filling the whole

Warmth in a handshake
Sharing of the way
Through His love, let me find
New friends here today

Creations Morning Gift

Grace of living God
Seeking light You lift
Blessing every soul
With creations morning gift

Birthing daily vision
Need, unique prepared
Love within the molding
To each of us is shared

In wind of the changing
A challenge flow through
Letting me go
May soul follow You

Raindrops of the touching
Christens Holy ground
Spirit of life giving
Nourishment profound

Laid before our step
Let us pause and pray
Joy within acceptance
Your gift of love this day