Web of Love

A web of love is strung
Connection of divine
Interwoven light
Binding hearts to thine

In glimpses of the soul
Moments do appear
We catch a view of light
Attentive seeing clear

In our time of struggle
A soul of love appears
Delivering the gift
Hearts entwining here

Perhaps a chance encounter
A soul to guide the way
Word that touched soul
Echoes to this day

Sometimes in a sunrise
Familiar fragrance brings
Innocence of baby
Joy of song we sing

Something of beyond
Coincidence we say
Insights of the Spirit
Found deep when we pray

Blessed be the soul
Attentive to above
Web of binding light
Connects us all in love

2 Peter 1:18-19

While we were with Him
On Holy mountain top
We heard heavens voice
To our knees did drop

Moreover, we possess
Prophetic message, true
Let us be attentive
To let this light shine through

As a shining lamp
To places of the dark
Set upon His journey
We purpose we embark

Committed, let us be
Until the new day dawns
And morning star arises
To You, our heart be drawn

A Silent Oasis

Where is this place
Where God and man meet?
A silent oasis
A holy retreat

Of known and unknown
A place we call prayer
Inner roomโ€™s entrance
And finding God there

One of the empty
Raw honesty true
Moment is offered
Let God here find You

Spirits direction
Souls desire seek
No formulas way
Each encounters unique

One of a being
In light of above
You know when youโ€™re found
In Word that is love

Softly Closing

Summer softly closing
Cool breeze in the air
Warm remains of season
Slowing disappear

Birds prepare for journey
To their natures call
Night skies coming early
Soon it will be fall

Subtle is the movement
Attentive be the soul
Pause within the beauty
Out of our control

Treasure now these moments
And ones that are to be
For our days are counted
Gifted to you and me


As this soul grows older
Mistakes I do confess
But by the grace of God
Some wisdom has been blessed

Things of world are passing
All will turn to dust
Health, possessions, fame
In this truth we can trust

That all things divine
Of the eternal way
Gifts by the grace of God
Are showered every day

Worry is time wasted
Fear is like quicksand
Practice letting go
For we are in Godโ€™s hand

Souls in our path placing
A reason will we know
In heavens reflection
Their purpose God will show

Found within each moment
A grateful heart will see
In a pausing prayer
That God is loving me


Moment of beauty
Moment of prayer
Moment divine
Drawing You near

Moment of joy
Moment despair
Moment of need
Finding you here

Moment of comfort
Moment of fear
Moment uncertain
Message is clear

Moment of blessing
Moment to share
Moment of Spirit
Your grace appears

Moments collected
Moment adhere
Moments of love
Will not disappear