Web of Love

A web of love is strung
Connection of divine
Interwoven light
Binding hearts to thine

In glimpses of the soul
Moments do appear
We catch a view of light
Attentive seeing clear

In our time of struggle
A soul of love appears
Delivering the gift
Hearts entwining here

Perhaps a chance encounter
A soul to guide the way
Word that touched soul
Echoes to this day

Sometimes in a sunrise
Familiar fragrance brings
Innocence of baby
Joy of song we sing

Something of beyond
Coincidence we say
Insights of the Spirit
Found deep when we pray

Blessed be the soul
Attentive to above
Web of binding light
Connects us all in love

2 thoughts on “Web of Love”

  1. Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    Everyone who has accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior is now caught in the Web which He has made. A web that was made with the silken threads of His love. As long as we don’t struggle in His web, we are engulfed by the beauty of His love and we find peace in Him. When we have His peace we begin to glow with a light that all will see.
    Yet we are not alone. Many others are also in this Web of Christ. In this web, we are all connected to each other. Therefore when one struggles against the Love of God, we all feel it and when one is darken by his resistance to the web, we all see it.
    Since we are all connected, let us encourage one another. When one is in distress let us come to him and support him. When one’s light has been darkened, let us share our light with him. For when all of us are filled with the light of God’s love, we will be a dazzling web that will attract others.

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