Recognize this truth
Hard for us to trust
Everything in this world
Will all turn to dust

Like bubbles rising
Floating in the air
Beautiful display
Then they disappear

Let us put to death
Earthly of world things
Not that we ignore it
Above attention bring

Gifts of the eternal
Those of the divine
Be of our souls seeking
Please now let us find

Join in Spirit

Gentle breeze blowing
Sun on my face
Far away looming
Monday’s rat race

Shade tree is gifting
Blue is the sky
Psalm of waves lapping
Clouds drifting by

Fishermen casting
Now is the place
One of the living
Showered in grace

Waves gently flowing
Whisper of song
Come join in spirit
With Me come along

Evening Examination

Let us take a moment
Reflection of the day
One of our connection
In following Your way

Let my heart be grateful
May my soul now see
That everything’s a blessing
That you gift to me

Let me cherish moments
Blessed throughout this day
Sparks of the divine
You’ve touch me in some way

Let my heart examine
In ways that I have failed
Tomorrow to transform
Let Spirit to prevail

Let me seek forgiveness
From other souls I’ve hurt
Also to my Lord
Through His help sins avert

Let me be attentive
May Your word profess
In following Your path
If tomorrow to me bless

Spirit Is Calling

New day is dawning
Spirit is calling
Graces are falling
All around me

Light is displaying
Insights conveying
Join in our praying
Moving in me

Voices of raising
Our song of praising
Love so amazing
Flowing through me

God glorifying
So mystifying
Outside of me

God glorifying
So mystifying
Outside of me

The Answer

How can the unseen
Feel so truly real?
How can worlds opposite
To the soul appeal?

How can a silent voice
Through closing eye be heard?
Moving of the heart
Through transforming word

How can a hunger drive?
Beyond a bodies need
To a greater One
To let the will concede

How can our God, Creator
Descend from up above
To us His Son offer
The answer is His love

Sounds of the Morning

Sounds of the morning
Creations voice raise
Songs of the heart
United in praise

Mourning doves cooing
A silent sunrise
Crickets are chipping
Crows caw a surprise

Voices drift into
The song of the day
Chatting, complaining
Song drifts away

Let me hold onto
Your song of pure light
New day’s creation
Purpose upright

Deeper, Deeper

Quiet be the moment
Here Your peace instill
Spirit of transcendence
Deeper, deeper still

Prayer be of the deeper
Releasing of the will
Spirit of surrender
Deeper, deeper still

Gratefulness of being
Abundant gifts you spill
Spirit of acceptance
Deeper, deeper still

Way be of the kingdom
Purpose You fulfill
Spirit of direction
Deeper, deeper still

Our Gathering Place

We set aside a building
On Holy ground of grace
One of dedication
Of our gathering place

Where we come together
To worship through the Word
To sing our songs of praise
Where Spirit now be heard

A pause upon our journey
A purposeful choice
To bond with brother dear
To pray with all one voice

Holy place of passage
To one Lord we conform
Through a soul of clay
Let us be transformed

Mornings Grace

Morning so peaceful
In summers sunrise
Soul here awakens
Hearts breathes a deep sigh

Gentle breeze blowing
Under shade of a tree
Pause into nothing
Prayer calling me

Waves of light flowing
A drifting into
Retreat of the knowing
The being of you

Journeys refreshment
A needed embrace
Tranquility s feeling
Sweet gift of grace

Graces Moment

Falling into prayer
Of the inner room
Surrendering of now
In your Holy womb

Beautiful the passage
Loves protection true
Being of one being
All becoming You

One of pure acceptance
Freedom here to see
Gift of the divine
Completely loving me

Familiar is the silence
As wisdom speaks its grace
Intimate of sharing
As soul and light embrace

Dance within our dwelling
Drifting, floating, roam
Taste of graces moment
Of our eternal home