Between One Being

I sit between One being
Outside and within
Creations mornings’ gift
And Presence found herein

Light of new horizon
Flows abundantly
Touching love anointing
Giving gracefully

Candle of Your dwelling
Intimate You seep
Binding of beloved
Treasure of the deep

Bring them both together
Blessing of this day
Within to share without
In sharing of the way


Tsunami of Fears

Looming on horizon
Tsunami of my fears
Feeling of the hopeless
Turning now to prayers

Voice of desperation
Falls into the night
Arising as a whisper
The Presence of Your light

Fear not my beloved
I’m with you on the way
I will not forsake
With you I will stay

Still my faith be shaky
As challenge now arrives
Weathering the storm
Cling to Lord I strive

But to my amazement
I view an ocean clear
Body of pure grace
Relief in joy appears

Faith though storm is strengthened
As word of Lord stands true
Grateful be this soul
Forever cling to You

Your Gift

What a true blessing
To show that you care
Through God given talents
A gift that you share

Of your dedication
No need to ask
You sacrificed time
And completed the task

Not one we deserve
So grateful are we
Can’t thank you enough
God flowing through thee

One of pure beauty
Born in His name
A call has been answer
A light that we claim

A simple reflection
Like mercy and grace
Of something unearned
A joy we embrace

A gift we’ll enjoy
Give thanks up above
A gift of eternal
One of His love