Desire of You

Worldly desires
Of thoughts in my head
I need to be hungry
And need to be fed

Of world of the Spirit
In focus of way
Plant see of desire
In this soul I pray

No treasure of dust
But love, joy and peace
Surrender of self
Let You now increase

One of the Holy
Of soul molding true
Gifts of eternal
Desire of You

Faith or Fear

Ahead in day before me
A choice of what to wear
Two t-shirts of the choosing
One of faith or fear

Found in this decision
Of reliance true
One puts trust in me
The other faith in You

Faith is a gift you bless
Fear of what to lose
In choices of my day
Which one will I choose?

Let me put on faith
Holding close to You
Reminder through this day
That You will see me through

A Thousand Waves

A thousand waves
Of ripple blue
Shine the light
Rejoice in you

In wind or storm
By day and night
They rise and fall
Within your sight

One body true
Each one unique
With guiding breeze
Each one You seek

They move the way
Each one adored
When time has come
They touch the shore

Misty Mornings Rise

In the misty mornings rise
I awake to Your surprise
Colors change before my eyes
Prayer of now to exercise

Soul to rest in Your sunrise
Unmasking of the world’s disguise
Lost in You I’m memorized
As losing self is the prize

All creation recognize
Awe of beauty paralyze
Greatness we all realize
Call of peace to harmonize

Nothing here to analyze
Through this gift You catechize
Inner me revitalized
Moving now, evangelized

It’s Meant For Me

I turn the page
And Word I see
The Spirit says
It’s meant for me

Pray I pause
And now begin
To take the time
To dwell within

In silence be
Of Spirit heard
The soul to soak
In living Word

Mold this soul
Of softened clay
Transform within
To go Your way

Things Unseen

Focus be of things unseen
That I’ve come to know
God abundant blessing
Gifts that He bestows

Let us start with mercy
Forgiveness that is blessed
A perfect man lays down
With our word, confessed

Instilled a perfect joy
That lifts the Spirits fire
Gratefulness of heart
Drives the souls desire

Peace in storms of trials
Calms the daily strife
Focus of perspective
One of eternal life

Love is of the binding
Source of One that flows
Treasures of the seeking
Found through our God we know

One Thing Understood

Days turn into years
In life’s ups and downs
Joy’s surprises lift
Challenges surround

Here turns into there
People come and go
Darkness fills the night
Bright horizons glow

Million choices made
Turns of different ways
Seeking of the light
Grace is on display

All things are of changing
One thing understood
In my years of living
That our Lord is good

Mind is Racing

Mornings mind is racing
A thousand things to do
I enter through the door
In time of prayer with You

Long breath of the cleansing
A drifting deep into
Centering of soul
A falling into You

Peace of heaven covers
Light of grace shines through
Acceptance of embrace
Deep in love with You

Drop of offered silence
Time of reflection true
Encounter of divine
Bonding of me and You

Passing Silhouette

Through wisdom of our God
He’s sent souls in our way
That blessed us in the deep
Then they’ve passed away

Souls now in your light
In perfect love of You
Still they reach to us
To share Your message true

In glimpses of Your light
A spark ignites a flame
That calls attentions pause
Loves connection claim

In passing silhouette
Of encounter fond
Remembrance of a voice
Connects us in the bond

In a vision cast
Familiar sound of joy
Fragrance of a scent
A memory we enjoy

All speaks of Your love
In a comforts swell
Faith in which to trust
That all will soon be well

Psalm of the Morning

Sing me a song
Oh morning bird
Psalm of the sweet
A feast to be heard

Cast in the light
In echo of wood
Creature and man
Of one neighborhood

Prayer of your being
Gift that you share
Drawing soul to
An offer of prayer

An unspoken song
A psalm of the heart
Through light of connection
Let peace here now start

Psalm of the morning
Let creation now raise
Songs of their being
Our creator to praise