A Vision to be Shared

Awakening to sunrise
A glorious display
Masterpiece of marvel
A gift found in this day

A picture I must capture
A vision to be shared
Joy leaping in beauty
Excitement in the air

I will take no picture
No camera in my hand
Gift of no “to-doing”
Knowing it’s your plan

Resting in acceptance
In your presence here
Dwelling in full being
A treasure that we share

Moment turns to passing
In colors that you show
Lingering in soul
A gift of letting go

Molded in Prayer

Deep within Your silence
Something that I know
Beyond the soul is touched
That human eye won’t show

Something in the light
Warms in casting rays
Nourishing the soul
While our being prays

Something in the Spirit
Beyond the sense of feel
In stillness of receiving
The unknown You reveal

Soul is being molded
In Your perfect way
Let me be devoted
To our time to pray

Found the Secret

They have found the secret
Living in the way
Seeking out Your Presence
As they start their day

Resting in Your silence
Dwelling in the Word
Peace of the surrounding
Spirit now be heard

Soul is lifted higher
Basking in the light
Nourishment of love
Treasure of insight

Offering of moment
Eternal is foreseen
Acceptance of Your gifts
In fragrance of unseen

Journey of the deeper
Intimate beyond
Souls you truly cherish
Sharing of the bond

Be Here Now

Oh my little child
See gifts that I endow
Ones to call your soul
To be here right now

Sunlight on the water
Flowers morning bloom
Gentle breeze of whisper
Flows to the inner room

Butterfly of flutter
Call of singing bird
Branches arms of praise
Let your song be heard

Souls of sweet encounter
Blessing that is true
To be fully present
To share the gift of you

Passing Through

Loved one of the passing
From worlds womb into light
Know you know the love
That is of souls’ delight

Free from ego’s anguish
Pain has disappeared
Release of human chains
No worry of our fears

Joy of the unbounding
Reunited now as one
Carried in the arms
In love of God’s own Son

There is the connection
Still found deep in prayer
His love speaks in our soul
I’ll always find you there

Sweet Sunshine

Good morning sweet sunshine
New light of the day
A vision symbolic
Of God of the way

Each moment new
In gift of your love
Connecting the here
With heaven above

A gift that is offered
To one and to all
Everything touched
Each one is called

Grace gently offered
The receiver a choice
To turn to the light
In God to rejoice

Before My Eyes

Parents in control
Was just yesterday
Now see a body aging
With cane and slow of way

Truth before my eyes
One we all will see
In this world of passing
Tomorrow will be me

Wisdom of collecting
Of the eternal way
Let me seek the treasures
Of heaven that will stay

Souls of love in bonding
Peace proclaimed right here
Charity of blessing
In light of You to share

Vision Looking Through

Time of adoration
A vision looking through
Deep within Your Presence
Soul dwelling with You

One of dissipating
Entrance of divine
Through the door of grace
Into light of thine

Breath of Spirit lifting
Ego letting go
Into places gifted
Only one You know

Present of returning
Blessed with graces fine
Awakened into now
Deep in soul of mine

Simple Sparks of Light

In a world of darkness
One of great despair
If the soul’s attentive
We see Your light appear

In broken souls of shining
They chose another way
The answer of Your call
A beautiful display

Vein of love is flowing
In simple sparks of light
Glorious the sharing
Joy of souls delight

Spirit of the calling
Through the love of son
We see in rising light
That the battles won

No Reward to See

Please take me to the place
One beyond “the me”
Gift of Spirit flowing
Overwhelming glee

One spurring an action
Of Your purpose be
Serving of Your kingdom
Of Your delivery

One without an ego
Now reward to see
Servants act of love
To give and set it free

One within a blessing
Served with humility
Ripples of heaven
Seen in eternity