Presence so soothing
Presence of rest
God of indwelling
Gift that is blessed

Self of diffusing
Self letting go
Drifting beyond
Spirit to know

Being of bonding
Being of love
Here intertwining
One of above

Gift of transforming
Gift of the way
Sharing Your Presence
With all souls this day

Two Truths

Pondering this question
Two truths here to see
That our God is love
And He sets us free

Love is all God is
Not something that He does
It’s just who He is
He loves just because

Not only loving some
A lot or just a tad
Like sun that shines on all
Both the good and bad

We are free to choose
Accept His love or not
Let this soul be hungry
To accept His love a lot!

In The Stilling

In the busy path I see
A stilling pond drawing me
That whispers pause for heart to see
And in it lose my urgency

In the stilling pond I see
A vision painted moving me
That speaks to soul of just to be
And in it find tranquility

In the stilling soul I see
A something more beyond the “me”
That prays with Spirit right though me
And in it Your divinity

In the stilling light I see
That you are loving all of me
That dwells in perfect harmony
A vision of eternity

A Morning of Blessings

Bridge of the crossing
Stream is found clear
Discovered below
Fish swimming here

Dragonflies dancing
Robins appear
Butterflies flutter
Song in the air

Gentle breeze cooling
In shade of a tree
Drawn now in resting
Your prayer finding me

Waves gently flowing
In diamonds of light
Surprised in Your gifts
With hearts delight

A morning of blessings
Found in the view
To soul attentive
Sent here by You

10 Seconds

A pause of 10 seconds
To meet with You in prayer
Moment of light shining
Joy encountered here

Closing eyes in silence
A secret rendezvous
Inner room of filling
The pure love of You

Never disappointed
As Your desire waits
Time eternal dwelling
Gifts of grace so great

Practice in the making
A treasure of the day
Connecting of divine
In holiness of way

Time of Us Be

In presence of dwelling
Of time of us be
One of surrender
A moving in me

Senses are heightened
Attune to respond
Awareness of growing
As soul corresponds

Air is now fresher
Drawing in deep
Awakening now
The soul from its sleep

Colors are richer
Found in new light
Vision enriched
As soul provides sight

Love overflowing
In touch of the heart
Filled with the Spirit
With gift to impart


A butterfly was gifted
Upon the morning air
Causing soul to pause
And become aware

Dancing up above
Fluttering carefree
Wind guiding direction
A better way to be

Clothed in golden yellow
A beauty to behold
Humbleness of drifting
Song of the untold

Fading into passing
Beyond of my control
Spirit still remains
In the peace of soul

Prayer of Now

In the prayer of now
In Your light to bask
Bless me this request
Petition that I ask

Let our prayer be pure
My perceptions flee
Free now from my ego
Letting go of me

Time be of the still
Breath of Spirit lift
Being of the real
In Your love to drift

Deeper of the soul
Boundaries disappear
One within Your bond
Fully present here

Cast away the shell
Awakening the true
Surrender of complete
Giving all to You

To See Jesus Praying

Can’t imagine anything
More beautiful than this
To see Jesus praying
Or singing in our midst

Connection of the perfect
One so pure and true
Hearing, seeing, being
Spirit flowing through

Connection of divine
Love so strong, it thrives
One so powerful
Third being comes alive

To see Him gently motion
Come here, now begin
Sing Your song of prayer
With me, come join in

Let me enter into
The love which Spirit flows
To prayer of the divine
My God I come to know