Fragrance of Friendship

A smile is birthed
In eyes shining bright
Hand is extended
A hug gripping tight

Fragrance of friendship
Surrounds in the air
A warning connection
Of God dwelling here

One of acceptance
Connection is known
Of our hearts desire
Your bonding is shown

Through Word of the sharing
And molding through thee
May I depart
As a better me

One thought on “Fragrance of Friendship”

  1. Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    Let me bath in the waters of Your Love,
    In the depths of Your Grace may I dive myself in.
    What joy it is to be loved by my God,
    To have the love of the Lord is too wonderful.

    May I drink in the boundless mercy You have for me,
    Your abundant favor, let me relish every drop.
    To know that I am the King’s is too beautiful,
    It is too great to imagine being the child of the Most High.

    Let me listen to the melody of Your Holy Voice,
    Your Divine Word, I will fill me like pure water.
    To be changed by the Grace of the Almighty is amazing,
    Being molded into the image of my Savior is unfathomable.

    May my heart be made better by being One with You,
    Transform my soul as I have fellowship with my God.
    To look like my Prince of Peace is truly a great honor,
    When I behold my Christ in my is my eternal destiny.

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