Simple Being

In this moment be
A time that’s set aside
Surrendering my will
Let soul and You reside

One of simple being
No prayer of the forcing
Open window flow
This world of divorcing

Simple petition made
Asking word of grace
Letting go of me
And fall in Your embrace

Take me where You will
Unspoken love received
Soul of healing be
Trust in You believed

Way of Faith

A simple desperate soul
Offers up a prayer
Sent unto His Lord
Receives no answer clear

What is he to do?
Should he be dismayed?
Give up all his hope
Or faith now lead the way

What is this way of faith?
Not letting heart go sour
Conforming will to Gods
Not Gods will to ours

Little steps of trust
Seeking of roots deep
Reflecting of the growth
Faith begins to seep

Encounter with Jesus

Encounter with Jesus
An encounter of change
One of conversion
Our soul rearrange

Way of the deeper
One of surprise
View of above
Thoughts analyze

Found in His presence
Discovered in Word
Showered in mercy
Through Spirit be heard

Surrounded in love
Surrender our way
Joy in awareness
Beside Him to stay

Precious Love

In the dawning light I see
The Spirit drawing calling me
The speaks throughout eternity
The precious love of God

Rest my soul in solitude
And bind with Spirit be
Acceptance of the love of God
To find my hope in thee

Surrender now my will to thee
And dwell within your love
Gratitude of mercy great
To turn my way above

Soul’s connection to our Lord
Spark Your grace divine
Bringing heaven to this heaven
Your light through servant shine

© Daryl Madden 2016

Open Window

May God’s peace be with us now
Gift of grace that He endows
Shining to this world somehow
Open window here allow

Through a man of love so pure
By a cross that He endured
God descending to the poor
Opening of heaven’s door

Bridge connected of the way
Offered to us every day
By our side He’ll always stay
Intimate known when we pray

Soul of greater purpose be
Vision of eternity
His light shining clear through me
To lost souls, His hope they’ll see

Joy arising in the heart
New direction here to start
From this ego pride depart
Word of love now to impart

© Daryl Madden 2016

Mary’s Whisper

Pain I can’t imagine
A sword that pierces heart
Which Mary did endure
That the cross imparts

Through two thousand years
Still it echoes on
Sharing ’til this day
A view into beyond

In dwelling of eternal
Bound in perfect love
Their love through the Spirit
Echoes here above

Through a mothers passion
A whisper soft and true
In shadow of the cross
Know what he did for you

Holy Light

I come to my Jesus
In eyes closing tight
With a petition
To come Holy light

Shine with Your Presence
In darkness of night
Love of abundance
Oh come Holy Light

Oh welcomed acceptance
The soul here unite
Home of eternal
Of Your Holy Light

Joy overflowing
Clinging so tight
Oh treasure of grace
Here dwell Holy Light

Peace of instilling
Your blessed insight
Will now surrenders
To Your Holy Light

World of returning
Path aligned right
Charged with the shining
Of Your Holy Light

© Daryl Madden 2016

All My

All My

All my fears and worries
All my hopes and plans
May I give them to You
And trust them to Your hands

All my selfish pride
All my guilt and shame
May I confess humbly
And Your forgiveness claim

All my prejudices
All my judgment flee
May I bless acceptance
And share the love of thee

All my deep desires
All my focus be
May I seek Your wisdom
And walk eternally

All my fallen steps
All my promise hollow
May I return to You
And find Your light to follow

Oh my Lord of patience
“All my” drift away
Joy within this moment
In Your love here to stay

Edge of Conscience

View a lake of beauty
Reflection from above
Ripples carry into
A different view there of

One of contemplation
Moment of the now
All else dissipating
Losing me somehow

On the edge of conscience
Dwelling just to be
Surrender is the way
Allowing soul to see

Encounter of Creator
Of a greater place
Consumed within his love
And greatest treasure, grace


Let me awaken
In hour of predawn
In stillness of peace
The Spirit to spawn

Air fresh and cool
With peepers song fading
All worldly concerns
Here now abating

A prayer lifted high
In birth of this day
For souls soon arising
Prepared in the way

Let darkness now go
In the fading night
Spawn Your hope in joy
In the coming light