Vision of Eternal

Take me to the place
Where Your Presence be
One within the sacred
Where the soul can see

Shining holy light
Truth is on display
Waves of comfort flowing
Letting go to pray

Vision of eternal
Now, a speck of dust
Rock of firm foundation
Where soul can place its trust

Tend this broken soul
Carry me away
Mold it to Your image
Return it to Your way


Way of Faith

In a valley dark
Spirit feeling down
Burdens of the heavy
Loneliness surrounds

Through a spark inspired
Message that You sent
Shines the blessed light
Word of encouragement

Eyes to heaven lift
Spark ignites the flame
Returning to the One
That my soul proclaims

Spoken from the heart
Grateful this soul be
That my brother dear
Let me back to thee

Healing Presence

Tired and broken
Hope beaten down
Body exhausted
Head starts to pound

Now enter the quiet
In Your arms to rest
Oh healing Presence
This soul here now bless

Found in the silence
Compassion and care
Stilling acceptance
Accusations not here

Found in love wrapping
Deep soothing within
Restoring the soul
Let healing begin

No words are needed
Just bathe in the light
Sacred restoring
With Savior unite

Simple Being

In this moment be
A time that’s set aside
Surrendering my will
Let soul and You reside

One of simple being
No prayer of the forcing
Open window flow
This world of divorcing

Simple petition made
Asking word of grace
Letting go of me
And fall in Your embrace

Take me where You will
Unspoken love received
Soul of healing be
Trust in You believed

Way of Faith

A simple desperate soul
Offers up a prayer
Sent unto His Lord
Receives no answer clear

What is he to do?
Should he be dismayed?
Give up all his hope
Or faith now lead the way

What is this way of faith?
Not letting heart go sour
Conforming will to Gods
Not Gods will to ours

Little steps of trust
Seeking of roots deep
Reflecting of the growth
Faith begins to seep

Encounter with Jesus

Encounter with Jesus
An encounter of change
One of conversion
Our soul rearrange

Way of the deeper
One of surprise
View of above
Thoughts analyze

Found in His presence
Discovered in Word
Showered in mercy
Through Spirit be heard

Surrounded in love
Surrender our way
Joy in awareness
Beside Him to stay

Precious Love

In the dawning light I see
The Spirit drawing calling me
The speaks throughout eternity
The precious love of God

Rest my soul in solitude
And bind with Spirit be
Acceptance of the love of God
To find my hope in thee

Surrender now my will to thee
And dwell within your love
Gratitude of mercy great
To turn my way above

Soul’s connection to our Lord
Spark Your grace divine
Bringing heaven to this heaven
Your light through servant shine

© Daryl Madden 2016