Fragrance of Friendship

A smile is birthed
In eyes shining bright
Hand is extended
A hug gripping tight

Fragrance of friendship
Surrounds in the air
A warning connection
Of God dwelling here

One of acceptance
Connection is known
Of our hearts desire
Your bonding is shown

Through Word of the sharing
And molding through thee
May I depart
As a better me

Grace to be Received

Blessed be this day
Grace to be received
The Word in breath of life
The summit I believe

Intimate of beauty
Beyond which I can see
Mystery divine
Of Christ dwelling in me

Joy is overflowing
Anticipation swells
Let the soul prepare
Spirit here now dwell

Coming to the table
A feast is now prepared
Celebration waiting
Let Your love be shared

Leaf on Water

Leaf upon the water
Drifting with the flow
Born of sweet surrender
Moving where wind blows

One without attachments
To this world below
Trust within creator
A holy way to go

Floating without burdens
In beauty of this day
A knowing in your purpose
Faith leading the way

Encouragement of soul
In vision contemplate
Let me to let go
Of a Faith so great

Man with No Name – Luke 16:19

He shares with us a story
Truth to us it brings
Of our human nature
Its message to us stings

Lazarus, a poor man
And rich man with no name
How he enjoyed his wealth
A twist in the end game

Rich man fell to torment
Lazarus in light
Rich man how he pleaded
For rescue from his plight

One of no repentance
Send Lazarus to me
He was not attentive
No Jesus did he see

His way is within us
Truth here ‘til this day
Help me choose to love
And walk within Your way

Dry be River Flowing

Dry be river flowing
Underneath the bridge
Void is guiding light
From overpassing ridge

Sky is clothed in gray
Mouth is barren dry
Prayer of desert futile
Soul of question, why?

Still the journey forward
No other place to turn
Cherished former gift
Of when the soul did burn

For known in passing light
You were faithful true
In darkness, seeking light
I’ll place my trust in You

Touch of Heavens Capture

Lake of stilling water
Vision of the deep
Calls the inner being
To pause in moments keep

Wrapped in blessed silence
Of souls dwelling place
Where the song of Spirit
Can share Your gift of grace

Surrender me now to it
In prayer of open heart
Stilling of the will
From this world depart

Touch of heavens capture
In your love abscond
Lights receipt of vision
In ripples of beyond

Mind is Far Away

Mind is far away
Body is right here
Thoughts of “what if” dwell
Consumed within my fear

Stolen is the moment
Missing are gifts blessed
Help me change my way
Prayer now be professed

Attentive to the present
Aware of You within
Focus of the little
Gratitude begin

Way the light is shining
Breath is slow and clear
Drawing of Your Presence
Seeking of You here