Before a night of resting
Let me linger more
Reflections of my day
Through God that I adore

Through lens of the Spirit
Insight here surround
Looking back and seeing
Your fingerprints be found

Of how You reached to me
In challenge and in strife
Of souls encounter here
And spoke into my life

Blessing of abundance
Ways in which were fed
Of the living Word
In Your daily bread


Answer To Show

He casts a dark shadow
Of sins of his way
A thorn in his side
He can’t cast away

She bears a great burden
And nowhere to turn
Seeking relief
Her heart greatly yearns

He searches for answers
To fill the big hole
Buying the worldly
Can’t satisfy soul

A prayer to the Spirit
An answer to show
Word of our Lord
His love let them know

Gifts Away

I receive Your mercy
Mercy may I share
Blessed with Your compassion
With it may I care

Eternal peace is offered
Let it shine ahead
Joy comes from Your Spirit
May here praise be spread

Lord, so ever patient
Waiting at the door
Let me please be willing
Your love to outpour

Graced with gifts abundant
Intimate we pray
Lord, let me be humbled
And give Your gifts away