A Mustard Tree

Soul views a mustard tree
With many branches wide
Stretching out in beauty
Which ones above reside

Roots of the Franciscans
Merton’s core so deep
Marian’s devotions
Divine Mercy to seep

Saints of way so holy
Of many colors shine
Sacraments instilling
Way of the divine

So rich are the treasures
Plant still now it grows
You of chosen blessing
Are part of it You know


Word within the scripture
Unfamiliar one here
“Poured like a libation”
Taking it to prayer

What is of its meaning?
As a drink poured out
Offering of deity
Such an act devout

Bless me a libation
Pouring out of all
Act of great surrender
On my knees to fall

Sharing of all feelings
All my sins confess
Offering of will
Giving gifts to bless

When at times I struggle
Allow me to give more
Like You, to pour it all
My God that I adore

Practice of Waiting

Just before the sunrise
God, this day creating
Lavishing the soul
In practice of waiting

Colors of the soaking
Whispers soul to hush
Living just to be
Sunrise not to rush

It will come in time
But now preparation
Resting with my God, in
Quiet contemplation

For He prepares the way
In rising glory be
And so within this day
Let His living be in me

Glimpse of Your Grace

Sweet dawning of sunrise
A new day begins
Expanse of horizon
Of peace drawing in

Lost in Your beauty
With souls eye to see
The view of the greater
Consuming of me

A much bigger picture
That you put in place
This snapshot of time
A glimpse of Your grace

Oh Jesus, my Savior
Dwell here within
Releasing the petty
Consume here my sin

Oh sweet surrender
A new way today
Expanse of Your mercy
For Your grace I pray

Releasing Into You

Your peace here surround
Let prayer now begin
Opening of door
Changing of within

Challenge of transition
Spirit cannot seep
For Sin has taken root
In bitterness I keep

Clinging to my pride
I know I’m in the right
Oh Lord help my release
My way into your light

Prayer for humility
A gift I can’t create
Releasing into you
A need for mercy great

Your Morning Psalm

Let me be of the song
Of your morning psalm
One of Creator
Let all waves flow calm

A prayer of the bowing
Of humble and meek
Let heart now be open
Your will here to seek

One of leaf falling
A lapping of wave
Sweet song of sparrow
Be who we now crave

Join into Your purpose
Song be of Your will
Peace flow of calming
Let heart here be still

Man’s View of a Ladies Retreat

Looks like your laughin, and cookin and drinkin some wine
Fire pit smokin and all doin fine

Betch ya,….. talkin and talkin and sharin your heart
Talkin some more, conversation just starts

Some Bible to readin, and prayin some more
Doin some bondin with God you adore

You’re all lovin life and just doin great
For the mornin’s sunrise you all just can’t wait

Estrogen’s flowin, and cluckin like hens
By the end of the day, you’ll be needin some men

Pink Flowers

Simple pink flowers
Grown amongst weeds
Let them both grow
The gardener concedes

If weeds are removed
Uprooted to try
There’s a good chance
The flowers may die

So tend to the flowers
With water and light
Allow them to be
Growing upright

And so with us
The bad and the good
Rely on our Lord
Our trials withstood

A Wonder Now

We close our eyes
And come to prayer
Encounter God
Right now, right here

A sacred place
Our dwelling be
Of Holy light
Our soul to see

A wonder now
Where is this place?
One of beyond
All time and space

Not of this earth
One of above
One that “just is”
This place of love