Places and Faces

I’ve been many places
And seen many faces
Collected my stories
That speak of Your graces

Encounters I’ve shared
With souls that have cared
Walking the path
That You have prepared

My God I adore
The gifts You out-pour
Through love unconstrained
You bless even more

A pause to praise
My God, you amaze
Let my heart be grateful
All of my days

Moment Man

Met a man today
For only moment brief
Crossing of our paths
Ordained, is my belief

In turning of the way
Flashed a smile bright
Warming of the heart
Shining inner light

Filling air with peace
Fragrance did surround
Silent word unspoken
Whispers, slow it down

Message of the journey
Within my soul to keep
Shining of your light
Through me let it seep

Prayer of Morning Mist

Viewed in dawning light
Where man and God exist
The unseen does appear
In prayer of morning mist

Drawn unto the light
Through surrendered will
Harvest of the chosen
Arise from water still

Fruits of battle won
Flows into above
Precious gifts of heaven
Chosen path of love

Unburdened by this world
One of eternity
Adrift in moving grace
Flow easy through the trees

Faith is on display
In a breath of prayer
Offering is lifted
As it disappears

Will Be Done

Secret of our lives
Found in Word of Son
Blessed gift of wisdom
Of “Let Your will be done”

Why so difficult
Of letting these words flow
Temptation holding back
My hesitation, know

As child in a tree
With Father down below
“My child, I’ll catch you”
Sometimes can’t let go

Why this lack of faith
Of One who’s only love
A prayer for total trust
In our God above

Home Song

Home now rests in silence
Of grateful reflection
As memories flow
In warm Introspection

We gathered a table
We joined in the feast
Heart of the sharing
Of burdens released

Souls that you gifted
Blessed in the way
Ones of beloved
Bonded this day

Song of love echoes
In the still quiet air
Warming the soul
As Spirit dwells here

Day The World Was Changed

In one blessed moment
All time was rearranged
A covenant is witnessed
The day the world was changed

The prophet’s song is echoed
As universe stood still
The light calls to us all
His promise is fulfilled

A miracle so humble
In God through human birth
A witness of His love
Dwelt upon this earth

In this precious moment
His drawing ever strong
May all souls be consumed
In One light we belong

Drop of Holy Light

A drop into the water
Of holy light divine
Heavens love connection
Ripples through all time

In birth of humble child
So innocent and pure
Sacred hope erupting
Salvation to assure

A life ahead outpouring
Of love of God to share
In shadow of horizon
The passion cross appears

Still he’ll journey onward
Committed purpose true
Gift of love eternal
Offering to you

One of the souls calling
Invitation sent
Response of the rewarded
With the souls assent

Shine our Lord reflected
Instilled by Spirit be
Ignite the joy of passion
His light for all to see

Hearts Yearning

Such a great need
Desire so strong
Ingrained so deep
Of one to belong

Found in hearts yearning
In others of view
That they will see
That I have value

Path misconstrued
As so often I try
To meet my need
Through the human eye

Answer is clear
To satisfy longing
Only through God
Eternal belonging

Reading As Prayer

A gift is blessed to us
In holy time of prayer
Dwelling in the Word
Through scripture find You here

Kneel in preparation
Acknowledge sacred time
Preciousness of now
Gift of the divine

Appealing to the Spirit
To flow through mind and heart
Vision of the soul
With insights You impart

Word of slow consuming
Sacredness to savor
Flowing through the veins
Delighting in its flavor

Floating contemplation
Wonder, marvel, be
Soaking in Your treasure
Spirit pray though me

Children of the Light

Souls of sweet encounter
Around them a soft glow
Holiness surrounding
Perceive, something we know

Radiance about them
Of peace and joy within
Moving of soul closer
Need drawing us in

Encounter of the sacred
Something in the seeing
Light receiving soaking
We leave a better being

Sweet message of knowing
Of heavens unseen grace
A window of Your light
Shines to a better place