Hearts Yearning

Such a great need
Desire so strong
Ingrained so deep
Of one to belong

Found in hearts yearning
In others of view
That they will see
That I have value

Path misconstrued
As so often I try
To meet my need
Through the human eye

Answer is clear
To satisfy longing
Only through God
Eternal belonging

One thought on “Hearts Yearning”

  1. Your poem touches on a struggle we all have if we’re open enough to admit it — aloneness. Loneliness, at least temporarily, can be filled with people and activity. Aloneness recognizes that living in a time and space-bound world, all that we have around us can and does vanish. Aloneness has presented me with three choices: to deny it, to fill it with something else, or to embrace it. In choosing the latter, I let God fill the hole.

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