Deep Pain

So sorry to hear
Of your deep pain today
I wish there was something
To take it away

I join you in silence
As One of the way
We suffer together
A cross burdens weigh

Grief of the dwelling
No words to portray
Just one of being
Together this day

Heart of deep yearning
Compassion we pray
We turn to our Lord
Your heart is His lay

A wound now to carry
Of faith to convey
In time of lights healing
A step underway

Morning of Clouds

Awakening this morning
Rising out of bed
Anticipating sunrise
God blessed clouds instead

Forms devoid of color
Of only palette gray
In covering of darkness
Hurry in their way

Sat and watched them moving
A hopeless body drifts
Perceived the light arising
Spirit here to gift

Masterpiece of sculpting
As touch of light shines through
Transforming into white
Birthed in way anew

Moment of the slowing
They seem to turn and pray
Awakening inner beauty
And blessed upon their way

Drawing to the Light

In solitude’s moment
Let silence find me
A welcoming gift
As soul turns to thee

Peace of instilling
As soul comes to rest
Indwelling of light
Your presence is blessed

Truth here is spoken
Of only one Word
Complete in acceptance
As pure love is heard

Beautiful binding
Purpose begin
Of shining of light
To draw other souls in


Words of Jesus flows
Judge not, you won’t be judged
Way I want to choose
But ego will not budge

Perhaps three little words
Will help my heart to see
To place them at the end
They are “just like me”

When someone is selfish
Or prideful they be
“They are full of pride”
Then add, “just like me”

When I’m feeling small
See one of great beauty
“They are beautiful”
To lift, “just like me”

Let us not separate
In our way divide
Let us bring together
Through Jesus here reside

Opportunity Dawning

Found in each morning
A grace whispered call
Opportunity dawning
A gift to us all

Peace of instilling
A turning to light
Tranquilly calming
Hope shining bright

A purpose of drawing
For each a new birth
A fresh beginning
For all upon earth

Angel’s sweet singing
Raise voice from within
All of creation
Rejoicing, joins in

A silent surrender
A calling to One
In praise of submission
May Your will be done

Wisp of Mist

A wisp of mist is rising
Of water violet blue
Waves still in their praying
An offering to You

Praise to our creator
Who blesses us this day
Gift of life in breathing
The spirit of new way

Peace descends in joining
Arising in the heart
A covenant of binding
Only love imparts

Heaven here rejoicing
In horizons light
Colors of joy flowing
Into souls delight

Candles Are Lit

Candles are lit
Organ is playing
Souls here are gathered
In reverent praying

Perceived in the soul
Something beyond
Spirit is stirring
Let will correspond

A beautiful light
One of the One
Each flame unique
Ignited by Son

Flame, may it flicker
To candle hold true
Burning much brighter
In glory of You

Shine through the windows
In colors unique
Of lonely soul searching
For love that they seek

Sacred Facet

Light flows from horizon right
A gaze ahead, beyond in sight

Beauty cast of heavens view
In silent prayer of time with You

In loves embrace of comfort known
Surrenders pause in pure peace shown

Blessed be this gift bestowed
A soaking in of graces sowed

Oh sacred facet of the One
A precious prayer flows through the Son

Transforming light shine through and through
Birth this soul in way anew

Four By Mother Teresa

Four quotes by a saint
Ones to live by this day
From Mother Teresa
Let me be of their way

“Kind words can be short
And easy to speak
But echoes are endless”
Let them my heart seek

“Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is to be
We have only today
Let’s begin, you and me”

“If you are humble
Nothing will touch you
Not praise or disgrace
Cause you know yourself true”

“Don’t worry ‘bout numbers
Help one at a time
Start with one near you”
God’s love to shine

A Smudge

Looking through the window
To pray and gaze with You
A smudge upon the glass
Distracts the inner view

Oh Lord, wipe it away
Allow the light to pass
Word comes shining through
“On Your side of the glass”

Challenge in these words
As truth comes soaking in
It is of my doing
The product of my sin

Something I’ve ignored
Asked Lord to take away
I must do my part
Be reconciled this day