Misspelled Love

Saw a gift for a friend
A bit too much to pay
But was so unique
I bought it anyway

Excited just to bless him
But then I felt ashamed
As he pointed out
I had misspelled his name

Forty years went by
Forgotten friend connected
He reached out to me
With message, me affected

The gift he held onto
All these years you see
Wisdom found embedded
A message here for to me

Love through us, imperfect
Of which we all belong
But when intentions true
We surely can’t go wrong


2 thoughts on “Misspelled Love”

  1. Your poem stirred up memories of similar experiences and triggered a desire.
    We hold a treasure in earthen vessels. (II Cor 4:7) I pray that when I see others, I don’t stop at the exterior covering, but appreciate what is inside as well.

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