Winters Sunset

Soft is winters sunset
Through forests empty bones
Gentle its descent
Feeling all alone

Comfort in its presence
As quiet breeze flows through
Empty solitude
Finds its way to You

Desert of the season
Song is silent sent
Outer turning inwards
Easy souls consent

Outside vision barren
Wisdom dwells within
Spirits guiding treasure
Warms anew herein

Great Light

Oh great light of Presence
Shine upon this soul
Filling of the needy
Of the deepest hole

Warmth of basking light
Surround in sweet embrace
Consuming all of me
Infused by precious grace

Radiance of glory
Permeate the deep
Restoring of the soul
Gift of Your love, keep

Jewel of precious treasure
In Your Presence be
This taste of moment now
Flow to eternity

One Has Come to Know

In covering of silence
Of the rising morn’
Facing toward the altar
Reverent souls adorn

Desire of the heart
Soul to contemplate
Mystery of Presence
Anticipation great

Holy be this moment
Of beauty intimate
Deep within the soul
Of gift ultimate

A relationship
One has come to know
View through heaven’s door
That the Spirit shows

Voice be of the humble
Path of these souls way
Sharing of Your love
Turning for all we pray

Prayer For The Soul

For ear of the soul
May the Spirit it hear
Through word of silence
Voice spoken clear

For eye of the soul
Seek the poor and depraved
View of our Jesus
He our soul saved

For heart of the soul
In wisdom of way
The gift of our God
To give love away

For eternal soul
Death through heaven’s door
Gift born of a cross
For a faith that endures

Another day

Another day
Another dollar
Can’t take no more
Want to holler

A whisper deep
Pause to pray
Perhaps there is
Another way

You have me here
A purpose be
With gifts prepared
Ahead of me

Cast inner light
Into my view
To let me see
The love of You

Souls surround
To be aware
One to bless
Your love to share

Another day
With gifts impart
Filled with joy
A grateful heart

Church Lighting

Into our Church
The soul ignite
Loving the view
Of warming light

Drawing me in
The soul to lift
Arising joy
In blessed gift

The Spirit swirls
With Word inspire
Nourish deep
This soul’s desire

So easy see
Your Presence here
Now let us fall
Within our prayer

Blessed Saturday

Cherished time together
No hurry to this day
In our way of being
Blessed Saturday

Dwelling of together
No agenda be
Resting in Your grace
As Your loving me

Light cast of abundance
Soul of warming glow
Just us in our being
I enough to know

Stoking of the fire
Refreshing of the way
Carry us together
Ahead in path today

Misspelled Love

Saw a gift for a friend
A bit too much to pay
But was so unique
I bought it anyway

Excited just to bless him
But then I felt ashamed
As he pointed out
I had misspelled his name

Forty years went by
Forgotten friend connected
He reached out to me
With message, me affected

The gift he held onto
All these years you see
Wisdom found embedded
A message here for to me

Love through us, imperfect
Of which we all belong
But when intentions true
We surely can’t go wrong


Word so incredulous
Which my soul did hear
That along with Christ
We are co-heirs

That we of sinners great
Heavens treasure offered
So much to contemplate

Only possible
By sacrifice of One
An unblemished Lamb
God’s begotten Son

Let not us take for granted
This great gift He imparts
To be our source of joy!
To radiate from heart