Seed Of Pain

Heart is hurting deeply
Deep this seed of pain
Lost in question why
Faith to ascertain

Can’t look unto tomorrow
Too painful for that now
Nowhere else to turn
Please trust in You endow

Plant this seed in faith
Firm within Your hands
I know that You are love
I’ll let go in Your plans

Pray now for its blossom
That its root grow deep
Nurtured in Your love
Flourish in Your keep

Seeking of the light
Fruit of healing bless
Branches of long stretching
To others gift profess

Inner Silence

We all have a place
Of innermost being
One beyond words
World of unseeing

The inner silence
Of our deepest place
The core of our being
Truth here to face

Walls of constructing
Of outside façade
For others to enter
Inside very hard

God opens His door
Come enter with prayer
In His inner silence
You’ll find yourself there

Three Pillars of Lent

Three pillars of lent
Oh let us reflect
Of seed of the soul
Let them affect

Prayer of the deeper
To grow closer to You
Just being present
The Lord will pursue

Time of our fasting
Of world turn away
Taking control
Of our will here this day

Last is almsgiving
How blessed we be
To partake in giving
With great charity

Prayer of the fasting
Prayer of the giving
Deeper in knowing
A new way of living