Grafting Ever Closer

Come to me my child
Here now settle in
Fall in my embrace
Sharing of within

Safety in surrounding
How I cherish you
Joy found in our bonding
Know my love is true

Deeper be our dwelling
Home is at the core
Eternity of tasting
That we both adore

Forever in our binding
In glimpse of light this day
Grafting ever closer
In step along the way

Different Gaze

Walked upon the street today
With a different gaze
Prayed for eye of soul
What I saw, amazed

Searched for inner light
Beyond the world’s disguise
Halos of the soul
Seen beyond the eyes

Dwelling at the edges
Behind the wrinkled gray
Taggard worn out clothes
Worthless of world’s way

Found in light of eye
A soft kindness glows
One not of this world
Their purpose our God knows

Turn Into Above

Light upon the tree tops
Above a palette blue
Clouds of gentle moving
Morning birds soar through

Announcing song of morning
Time to pause and be
Marvel in the dawning
As light is cast on me

God forever touching
With blessings everywhere
Soul to fill with joy
If we’ll just be aware

Easy of response
A turn into above
Fall into the drawing
Surrender to His love

Connection Pursue

They gather at table
With coffee to drink
In sharing of life
To speak what they think

An observation
Another of view
In ponder or laughter
A connection pursue

Same with our God
With desire so deep
Prayer of the binding
Wisdom to reap

May we respond
To His treasure of grace
Constantly seeking
To fall in His embrace

Light of Horizon

Past the crawling traffic
Above the crowded stores
Into mountains beauty
Light of horizon pours

Home of heavens dwelling
Presence now is here
Spirit welcomes soul
United in our prayer

Blessed time eternal
Found within above
For the Word is gifted
One of only love

Descent from the mountain
Free of good of store
Into crawling traffic
Light of love outpour

Breath of Spirit

Arriving at Your dwelling
On opening of door
Before eyes can register
Your Spirit did outpour

Caught a breath of Spirit
Paused to draw it deep
Lingering indwelling
Of soul to let it steep

Enraptured in being
Of Presence so real
Only through You
The unseen revealed

Foundation of truth
So much more to know
Through glimpses of grace
You drops of light flow

Mornings Masterpiece

From covering of darkness
To horizons glow
Gift of the partaking
Of this mornings show

Palette of the moving
Colors ebb and flow
In masterpiece unique
A message here to know

One beyond of thinking
That speaks right to the soul
Through symphony of peace
Love is in control

Isn’t it a gift
Each morning different be
Calling to us each
A new way here to see

Soaking Gifts

Sounds of rushing water
Soothes a stressful heart
Familiar song is heard
From this world depart

Gaze upon fish swimming
Traversing of the deep
Flowing gracefully
Journey to soul seeps

Lighting of a fire
Transfixed with its blaze
Lost within flames dancing
Beauty to amaze

Rays of morning light
Rest upon the skin
Soft caress of touching
Soak these gifts within

Sacrament of Blossom

In days awakening
A vision now appears
Found within Your garden
A cloud discovered near

Coming into focus
Surprise of gift to see
Not a cloud at all
But blossoms of the tree

In joy of silent song
A drawing calling me
Drifting into beauty
Dwelling, just to be

Wonder of the marvel
Grace of Gods sweet gift
Glorious the fragrance
Praise and joy to lift

In souls awakening
The vision becomes clear
Through sacrament of blossom
In cloud of Spirit here

Gaze of Transformation

How can my eyes face You?
Unworthy sinner be
Graced within Your Presence
A different view to see

All that falls behind me
Gone away is sin
Found with this moment
A gaze that draws me in

Vision into being
Past this world we know
Deeper into dwelling
Insight to us show

Taste of the eternal
Glimpse of One above
Desire of the soul
The only word is love