New Vision for This Day

Many thoughts of thinking
Of the days rat race
Seeking of Your dwelling
We find our restful place

Settle in with prayer
Surrounding is of peace
Eternal is the view
Daily thoughts release

Foundation is of love
Providence secure
Falling into trust
Spirit reassures

Reset of divine
In clarity of way
Dependence not on me
New vision for this day


Soft is the Silence

Soft is the silence
In Your dwelling be
Comfort of light
Surrounds You and me

One of our being
A molding into
Something of greater
A grace blessed by You

Others to welcome
One of the way
Souls of unseen
Bond with us this day

For we are One
In Your love of binding
Through us light shine
Lost ones of the finding


Easter Afternoon

On Easter afternoon
Within a soft cool breeze
Time to sit and rest
To place the soul at ease

Warming is the light
Watching clouds pass by
Upon a palette blue
Lost within the sky

Rippled waters flow
Canvas of above
Winds direction sent
A spreading of your love

Leaves fill in the forest
Bulbs of hidden raise
Flowers burst in joy
Can’t hold back their praise

Echoes of birdsong
Soul begins to hum
Wasting time in being
Watching spring now come

Fear Conquered

Fear of all we humans
Of death cannot deny
One we all will face
No matter how we try
God sent His beloved
To send a message true
That death has been defeated
A gift for me and You
Choice that has been offered
Word to be perceived
Free for us to make
Will we now believe?
Christ fulfilled His passion
Suffered in my stead
Let my soul declare
He has risen from the dead!

Jesus Soon Appearing

A Holy Week upon us
One for each is meant
Touches of the sacred
Blessings to us sent
Let us be attentive
Let door be opened wide
May the soul be willing
For Spirit to reside
From depth of our Lords passion
A cross for us He bear
Stories of us human
Wisdom for us shared
Into tomb unknowing
From death our fear is spread
Jesus soon appearing
Risen from the dead
Miracles appearing
As truth, he now employs
Our hope, incarnate risen!
Let’s raise our heart with joy!

Our Lord Chose

You could have required
Most treasured divine
With elements simple
You chose bread and wine

Throne of Your choosing
Of ultimate cost
As God’s Son divine
You chose a cross

You could have saved us
With minimal try
Instead, gave it all
You chose to die

My brothers and sisters
Speak these words and see
Most grateful of all
That You’ve chosen me

Desert of the Season

In the desert of the season
Something different in the scene
In the time of nothingness
Treasures great are unseen

Silence blankets covered statues
Royal purple on display
Promises coming to fruition
Found in three triumphant days

Victory can soon be realized
Drawing deeper to the One
Containing joy in the knowing
Light of glory, through the Son

First the suffering must be witnessed
Through the lamb who paid the price
Time in the tomb, must be lived
Eternity won through sacrifice

In the light of resurrection
The greatest day for all mankind
Explodes the joy of all creation
A savior’s love, we pray, all find

Edge of Human Senses

Tween conscious and unconscious
We find our dwelling be
Edge of human senses
With the soul to see

Though world we live within
Home resides with You
Being in Your Presence
Focus inner view

Here is loves foundation
Abundant and so clear
Overwhelming soul
Gift for us to share

Easy be surrender
Gratitude so deep
Continue now the way
With Presence of the keep


Humor of Divine

One of our emotions
The gift of humor be
Happiness of laughter
Shared tween you and me

God has a sense of humor
And goes a bit beyond
Something more of joy
Closeness in the bond

Moment of pure light
Our whole day, it brightens
Warming of within
Encounter soul enlightens

Sense beyond the human
Which makes our being shine
With burst of joy filled light
Humor of divine


Horizon of the Soul

Far away vision
Is here and right now
In view of horizon
Both places somehow

As heaven forthcoming
Life’s goal to see
Is here and right now
When God is with me

God of no moving
Except of soul be
Patiently waiting
To acknowledge He

Prayer of connection
Let Spirit be heard
Always in seeking
Divine life is incurred