Pool of Perspective

Peace is the dwelling
In Your Presence be
With nothing to hear
And nothing to see

Pool of perspective
Of just letting go
Resting within
And letting light flow

All to receive
Of treasure divine
Freeing the soul
With fruit of the vine

Intimate knowing
In graces of thee
Wisdom of hearing
Vision to see

Praise of Spring

Sweet song of bird echoes
In the hollow deep
Soul at rest consuming
Pleasure of heart keep

One of celebration
Joy within our song
Blossom of tree bursting
Joins as well along

Daffodils of turning
A yellow trumpet sounds
Silent beauty whispers
Of offering abounds

Praise is our song lifting
As one we contemplate
The glory of Creator
One of love so great


Souls of the Way

I bless them to you
To attend to and love
Ones that I treasure
My precious beloved

Heart tend to softly
Hold their souls close
Bathe with compassion
Care for them most

Rejoice in their joy
Bind with their strife
Be with them fully
Share in their life

Soul be aware
Before you today
Those close to you
Souls of the way


Offerings of Goodness

Little gifts we offer
Through sacrifice of will
Offerings of goodness
Through Your love instilled

You gather the blessings
Perfected in grace
In Your light divine
Shine back everyplace

How blessed the servant
To serve Master be
Adopted as children
Your glory to see

Let us rejoice
Through us Spirit pass
Open the windows
For gifts that outlast

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Past, Present, Future

Past comes into focus
When viewed in light of You
Sense made of confusion
Learn from message true

Present of Your Presence
Know that love is here
Awareness of acceptance
You are everywhere

Future of the unknown
Let fear not here reside
Past wisdom and love here
Let faith now be our guide

Eternity of treasure
Perspective of the way
Our true home awaiting
Let You be our mainstay

Encounter Today

Those of encounter
Which scriptures portray
When being with Jesus
That changed their way

Such fascination
Who was this man?
Divine intervention
Bridging the span

Imagine encounter
A gaze in His eyes
A charism deep
Made the soul arise

A realism true
An encounter today
Through Spirit He lives
To transform Your way


A Word of One

You open Word
Of inspiration
True language of
Every nation

Each turn of page
Word so true
Each time we read
A different view

A word unique
For each to see
Your wisdom shared
Days bread to see

A word divine
One of above
A word of One
Of only love


So perfect and so true
The treasure all souls seek
God’s love for me and you

Beauty of immense
One of all and all
So powerful the light
Yet humble in its call

Quench for all our thirsting
Abundant without bounds
Eternal beyond time
Completely here, surrounds

Mercy in its drawing
Depth that knows no end
Desire of its blessing
Senses it transcends

Patiently awaiting
For you to believe
Joy in your acceptance
Come now and receive

Communion Line

In the communion line
Past heads bowed down in prayer
An intimate connection
A time with you they share

Time of sweet reflection
Where you are deeply known
Each are loved uniquely
Touch of heaven, shown

You call them each beloved
How beautiful the sight
Soul perceives the vision
Of radiant pure light

Moment of receiving
The living bread of You
My time of grace blessing
That I’m beloved too!



Body is dependent
Upon the fruits of earth
Air, water and food
Every day since birth

Heart is dependent
Upon a purpose be
Needed, valued, loved
Encounters that we see

Soul is dependent
Upon a greater grace
Mercy, guidance, Spirit
Love in Your embrace

Eternal home dependent
Upon a sacrifice
Surrender of the will
To Lord who paid the price