Two Wills

Two wills of my life
Simple truth to see
Will of our precious God
The other, will of me

His is great and perfect
Loveโ€™s pure vision see
Masterpiece of beauty
Everything to be

Mine is of desires
Comfort, security
Mixing of the world
What makes me happy

A prayer of discernment
Surrender of my will
Following the Spirit
Heard in moment still

May my faith be strong
Trust in Your embrace
Knowing when I fall
I fall into Your grace

All along the way
Let my will concede
Know His will is perfect
As God know my true needs

Call of Sounding Bell

Set out upon a walk
Several years ago
Drawn to sounding bell
A light that You did show

Through an open door
A jewel of precious gift
Deep indwelling Presence
From this world, a shift

A cherished little place
One of beauty fine
Infinite of treasure
Sharing of divine

Inside of a window
One of saints we share
Gaze of perfect love
Eye of soul is clear

Ingrained within the soul
Longing of the dwell
One of the returning
To call of sounding bell

Cab Driver

Met a cab driver
Who offered a ride
Road of the sharing
From world of other side

We spoke of our family
His child and his wife
Of what brought us here
A sharing of our life

A chord striking deep
This way did me affect
A road of the higher
That drove us to connect

Finding common binding
In word of kindness share
A universal truth
Of your light to appear

In Day Ahead

Oh Lord, in day ahead
Let me be aware
In treasure of the binding
To bless the gifts You share

Let me share with you
The joy of inner peace
One beyond this world
Of love that will not cease

Let me extend to you
The mercy Iโ€™ve received
Freedom of forgiving
With Spirit interleaved

Let me offer you
The grace of the divine
One beyond, eternal
Light forever shines

Let me be with you
In journey of the way
Wisdom of the vision
To share with God this day

Indebted To You

A challenge before me
Ahead the unknown
Fear is surrounding
Worst case is shown

Decision before me
On whom to depend
Reliance on me
Or need to extend

Turning above
To the source of grace
Appealing to friends
A prayer to embrace

For we are one body
In joy and in strife
Sharing together
Our journey of life

Today we rejoice
For our prayer answered true
In His joy of blessings
Iโ€™m indebted to you

Souls Caress

Being of the moment
Blessed day begins
Attuning to the drawing
Gifts of soul sink in

Sweet song of the singing
Echoes through the trees
Surrendering direction
Seeing what soul sees

Gentle breeze of blowing
Casts away distress
Intimate of bonding
Blesses soul caress

Sunlight upon water
Pool of glistening rays
Above flows to below
Flowing what souls prays


Song flows through the air
Clouds flow through the sky
Sunlight flows to flower
Flowing from up high

Blood flows through the heart
Knowledge flows through Word
Prayer flows through the Spirit
Spiritโ€™s flow be heard

Choices flow direction
Ego flows to sin
Mercy flows from Savior
Gratefulness flows in

Grace flows from the Father
Will flows through the Son
Love flows in their Spirit
Flowing into One

Moments flow to minutes
Minutes flow to days
Time flows to eternal
Treasure what flow conveys