A Butterflies Gifting

Treasure of moment
Blessed with in sight
Pausing to ponder
As flower takes flight

Beauty to cherish
Adrift in the breeze
Wings of a flutter
Sets the soul at ease

Sharing of purpose
Heart of uplifting
Brings joy to the heart
A butterflies gifting

A gift of the moment
Joy’s peace to claim
As God flows through me
Can I do the same?

Simple Mind

A prayer for only now
Simple may mind be
Welcoming what is
Blessed in front of me

Place worries on the shelf
For another time
In this moment here
Focus of sublime

Gazing at your face
Through spirit now to glean
Training of soul’s eye
Seeing of unseen

That which is which is
In your loves binding true
Of my being be
The purpose of the You

Soft Silence

It’s in the soft silence
In seeing You clear
Dwelling of deep
Of intimate prayer

It’s in the moments
In blessings of light
Acknowledge Your touchings
In joy or in strife

It’s in Your scripture
Of word that transcends
Wisdom of heaven
That Your Spirit sends

It’s in our purpose
Of Your plan divine
Through gifts instilled
Our sharing we find

Light and Light

Everything we see
In our vision clear
Made of lights reflection
What we see right here

Be it of the sun
Candle burning bright
Sometimes natural
Or artificial light

This just a reflection
Of the deeper way
Of the inner light
Appearing when we pray

View of treasure greater
When God’s gifts do appear
Love, joy, peace and mercy
Ones for us to share

Fear is Raining

Overwhelmed this morning
As fear comes raining down
Holding up umbrella
But worries all surround

Losing of the battle
Don’t know what to do
Thinking worst will happen
A turn now into You

Fold up the umbrella
Give the fear a name
Welcomed unto You
My Savior to proclaim

Flow into the ocean
Stream now of my fears
Consumed in only love
Way ahead is clear

Did You?

Did you paint the sunrise?
To turn my view above
Warmth upon us all
Rays of touching love

Did you ignite the water?
In waves of shining light
Flowing gift of peace
Lost in new insight

Did you compose the birdsong?
Caressing lonely heart
Singing of the deep
Connection to impart

Did you speak the silence?
In wisdom of sweet peace
That drew soul into prayer
My will here to release

Did you send an angel?
Of broken soul to me
With word of touching grace
With Your son’s eyes to see

Did you send these blessings?
Or are they always here
And today I took the time
Just to be aware

Word Unique

At day of Pentecost
Such excitement sprung
That they all did hear
In their native tongue

It echoes to this day
That we each do hear
Our God of voice unique
To us does appear

Found within the Word
Encounter of a friend
Beauty of creation
A message to soul send

Whispered to every soul
Throughout all of time
One voice different ways
Your gift of word divine

Two Foot Square

In worldly space
It is clear
We occupy
A two foot square

With egos view
In shadows fear
A lonely place
One of despair

Of inner light
A drawing here
A needy heart
Of offered prayer

Through open door
The Lord appears
Abundant love
Shines everywhere

In our God’s space
Beyond compare
We occupy
Our heavens share

Souls Been Drifting

Seems my souls been drifting
From You far away
Returning to Your Presence
Alignment of the way

Message of the welcome
Home of warm embrace
Light of love is shining
Full of precious grace

Joy within Your drawing
Easy letting go
Like we’ve always been
Acceptance here to know

Pour in the foundation
One of Presence be
Sent upon a mission
With Your vision, see

Thousand Dimensions

A lifetime of gazing
Gives soul an insight
A thousand dimensions
Of infinite light

One of the earth
With soul of above
Glimpsing the source
Of unending love

Well of the living
With depths of no end
Of knowledge divine
That Your Spirit sends

Blessed the quest
Of the souls desire
The sacred journey
Of ascension higher