Death Is Nothing

(Based upon a poem by Henry Scott-Holland)

Death is nothing. Nothing at all
It does not count. There is no wall

I’ve only slipped. In the room next
Nothing’s happened. Be not perplexed

As is the same. As was it be
You are you. And I am me

The old life lived. Together in love
Remains untouched. Unchanged above

Whatever we were. To each other
That we are still. And not another

Why should I be. Out of your mind
Just because. The eye is blind

As I am. I wait for you
So very near. Round corners view

All is well. Nothing is hurt
Nothing is lost. This truth assert

In moment brief. And all will be
As was before. Our joy to see

How we shall laugh. Embrace so sweet
When very soon. Again we’ll meet!

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