Eternal Prayer

In solitude’s moment
Of great beauty here
Awe of creator
A drawing to prayer

Grace is received
Beyond all compare
Heart is surrendered
In gratitude’s prayer

This lonely heart suffers
Wound too much to bear
Wrapped in loves comfort
Of a healing prayer

A celebration
Of one love to share
Souls praise in binding
In worshiping prayer

Unending seeking
Let us be aware
Forever Your loving
An eternal prayer

Go Deeper Still

A glimmer of blessing
A gift You out-pour
You want me to ask
Please give me more

Adrift within Spirit
Release of the will
Longing arising
To go deeper still

Forgiveness complete
Treasure of sending
Peace that you give
Of mercy unending

My God of love
Of blessings so great
Eternal awe
To contemplate

Know My Love

Know my love is tender
Know my love so sweet
Pure my love, complete

Know it is surrounding
Find it everywhere
Wherever you may go
See my love appear

Know my love eternal
Timeless without bounds
One beyond all measure
Unending it abounds

Know it is for you
Unique within your way
My joy in the giving
For you everyday

Four Views

We live our day
In light of view
Under a sky
Of clouds and blue

When daylight fades
Into the night
You offer up
Another sight

A universe
Much more to see
We look unto

In closing eyes
With prayer to be
A view divine
Of beauty, thee

To go beyond
To love, adore
With heavens view
There’s even more

Share His Embrace

Years of trials bonding
Patience by my side
Constant love outpouring
In Lord I trust, reside

Friend of earth encounter
Sharing laugh or two
Of this world exploring
Lots of things to do

Dark clouds come descending
I run to my Gods care
I view my friend despairing
Alone, just standing there

How I missed the purpose
To share His treasured grace
Let me introduce you
Come share in the embrace

My Grandmothers Prayer

One day in her garden
In afternoon of light
Spied Grandmother praying
Beautiful the sight

Intimate the moment
Known throughout the years
Life of wisdom learning
To let her Lord drawn near

The Lord did call her home
Many years ago
In my soul this vision
Stays with me, I know

A whisper of her Spirit
In the light shines through
I was and I still am
Praying prayers for You

Sweet Joy of Morning

Come sweet joy of morning
One to let us be
Cherish moment dwelling
With your vision see

Bless one day of living
Let soul be aware
Joy of the receiving
All for us to share

No agenda driving
Free be of the way
Breath of Spirit guiding
Through soul here now pray

Quick be mouth of blessing
Laughter in the air
Binding into one
Light of you to share

Price of a Sunrise

The price of a sunrise
How much would you pay?
Providing the light
Throughout this day

Another question
How much to live?
For life eternal
How much would you give?

God chooses a price
For you and me
He gives everything
With joy all for free

Mind of a human
In dollars and sense
God’s currency?
Without recompense

Two value systems
One rusts away
The other divine
External of way

In day ahead
Give of money above
Joy in the sharing
Paid for with love

Dimension of the Deep

Morning sky of dwelling
In palette softest blue
Artist brush of stroking
Paint the clouds anew

Wisps of swirling Spirit
Across horizon sweep
Lifting soul into
Dimension of the deep

Falling into marvel
Easy contemplate
The wonders of divine
Of our God so great

Coming to conclusion
Of mystery above
No understanding master
Just accept his love

Invoking the Calling

Painting a morning
Of orange and blue
Sweet rays of beauty
Shine in its hue

Something of greater
Is on display
Serenity stilling
Calls us to pray

Peaceful encounter
Gives soul its rest
Whispers of Spirit
Of gifts to ingest

Come now Your bursting
In bright light divine
Invoking the calling
In this heart of mine