House of Peace

Enter now my
House of peace
Here release

Breathe in deep
Our Holy air
Through heavens grace
Your soul prepare

Attended to
With angels touch
With precious love

Our resting place
To truly be
Peace of Christ


Power of Your Presence
Overwhelming flow
Beyond comprehension
More than we’ll ever know

No capture in containing
Faith to just believe
Bask in the light shining
Be and just receive

In this gift of blessing
If will does not impede
Soul will find its molding
With all we’ll ever need

Surrender in loving
Outpouring of grace
‘Tween heaven and earth
On way interlace

Cleaning Today

Decision of this day
Place it in a bin
All that’s not of You
My selfishness of sin

Toss it out the window
Throw it in the trash
Disposing of the garage
Burn it all to ash

Pour it in the ocean
Wash it down the drain
Committed to the cleaning
No pause to complain

Though the best intention
All this I cannot do
For I need a Savior
I’ll depend on You

Another Room

There’s no death of fearing
A truth that I now know
For all that was conquered
By our Lord, long ago

I’m still with you, caring
Though in another room
As you still knew my love
When formed within my womb

My prayer’s that you will follow
Drawn by our father’s love
Dwelling for eternal
As we do here above

I’ll be here awaiting
My arms open wide
In perfect love eternal
Forever we’ll reside

A Little House

Build me a little house
Door of humility
Cultivating closeness
Foundation of faith be

Grow me a garden
Your gifts of fruit to send
Bountiful the harvest
To offer to a friend

Grant me a purpose
Not just a job to do
One of satisfaction
To share the love of You

Send me Your children
Accepted as they be
May we bind together
Into community

Shine Your light upon us
May gratitude arise
Through humbleness of living
And see You are our prize

Sign In the Way

Standing before me
In greeting each day
Stands an old tree
A sign in the way

Majestic in nature
Lets rising light through
Faith is its song
From deep root of You

Branches of lyrics
Reach out in praise
Encompassing all
Like Your Son did raise

Seeking the light
Strong through the years
My soul be of growth
Be of which appears

Wisdom of Bestowing

Let us enter now
In simple preparation
Stilling of the soul
In blessed adoration

Embraced in Your embracing
Received in sweet receiving
Light within Your light
Beyond of mind believing

Sacred Spirit swirl
Human sense freeing
Encompassed in Your love
In holiness of being

Wisdom of bestowing
Lens of guiding view
To walk this day above
Let vision be through You

Instilling Stilling

Can’t settle down
Distractions are here
Oh Lord take control
Of our time of prayer

Sitting up straight
To close eyes in peace
Reciting Your name
Breathing release

Spirit adrifting
A falling into
Deep light appears
Gift granted by You

Instilling stilling
The inner room see
Intimate knowing
A blessed place to be

You Become

The quieter you become, the more you can hear
The stiller you become the more you will be moved
The smaller you become the more you will be
The hungrier you become the more you will be nourished
The more that you let go the more attentive you will be
The more prayerful you become the greater your vision

(First quote by Ram Dass)

Golden Bird

In golden rays
The light appears
Stilling soul
In time of prayer

In flowers gold
The Spirits heard
In feasting of
A yellow bird

So beautiful
The soul to lift
Appears its grace
Comes from the gift

Reflection now
A truth appears
Of greater view
Our time of prayer