Let’s Go For a Ride

In closing of eyes
In prayer of this day
An offer was blessed
As I heard the Lord say

Come be with me
Let’s go for a ride
Into our being
Where Spirit resides

Let go of baggage
Come as you are
No body of moving
But soul will go far

Into our dwelling
The soul gets a lift
Surrounding in loving
In light set adrift

In path of the way
Conversation to be
Open this window
For friend here to see

Pure of Light

As the night passed
Baton onto the sun
The stillness of morning
Pronounced the day begun

The peepers sang
Their last song
The mist on water
Moved along

As silence spreads
Its sweet tune
Peace invites
Us to commune

Pure of light
Touches all
Into Your way
Let us all fall

Gentle Ripple

Morning of sunshine
One of the flow
So gentle the ripple
Stillness to know

Soul be attentive
Word be of prayer
A knowing beyond
That you wish to share

Peace of instilling
From world to above
Tranquility here
Eternal is love

One of our Savior
Through spirit let seep
The flow of his passion
Dwell in the soul deep

Sacred Space

A practice of importance
Dependent all on grace
Inner room of focus
To create our sacred space

Through passageway of silence
Intention of the willing
In emptiness of being
A time of sacred stilling

Simplicity of moment
Allow faith to fulfill
A prayer unto our Lord
To come let Spirit fill

Dwelling in beyond
Soul’s value is shown
Gift of lights abundance
Makes Your Presence known

In journey of the way
A practice to begin
Of opening the door
Inviting all souls in


Poem is watered down
Out of tune is song
Missing is the flow
Every word seems wrong

Lost is the direction
Goals just don’t seem met
Wheels forever spinning
Priorities not set

Let me return to You
Prayer of focus be
All within Your guiding
Rebirth the soul to see

Re-lay the foundation
Love the driving goal
You as source of living
Centered in the soul

Coming To the Window

Coming to the window
‘Tween heaven and earth
Vision unseen known
Through our second birth

One of the beyond
Of the Holy Grail
Through the love of Son
Spirits breath inhale

Light of overflowing
Love comes pouring through
Showered in the knowing
Of joy arising, new

Seeing with souls vision
Saints and angels sing
The way of heavens path
Be our everything


I grew up with stories
That my elders shared
Of our family’s souls
Passed down through the years

From the old country
And the starving they fed
To working all day
The making of bread

To serving our country
With wounds they received
Foundation of faith
In Christ they believed

Put other soul’s first
Do your work with pride
Share a humble joy
For Christ’s by our side

Committed to purpose
Through toils and strife
Of their sacrifice
For our better life

Prayer of the Drifting

I come to You Lord
With soul of the lifting
Surrendering here
To prayer of the drifting

Carry me now
Your way to show
Deep of beyond
Help me to let go

Light as the breeze
May Spirits breath guide
A flowing into
Your being reside

Within light of beyond
Let Spirit now pray
Acceptance unknown
As faith leads the way

Intimate binding
Reprogram the heart
Instilling of blessings
Of gifts to impart

Be Your Light

In silence of prayer
A Word of insight
God of us asks
Will you go, be my light?

In world overwhelming
In darkness of night
With candle of hope
Will you go, be my light?

Souls feeling worthless
The world does indict
With heart of compassion
Will you go, be my light?

When truth is diluted
And wrong becomes right
With clarities vision
Will you go, be my light?

When flames turn to embers
May the Spirit ignite
With voice of your joy
I will go, be Your light!

Today As One

At six o one
The day begun
A whisper calls
My blessed one

I sent to you
The rising sun
To draw all souls
To light of one

In solitude
Of prayer begun
In binding share
Our purpose one

To live the Word
Of Christ be spun
Heaven and earth
Today as one