Receive What We Offer

Wisdom of gifting
Flows through the Word
“We receive what we offer”
Contemplation be stirred

Conversation begun
Of intimate prayer
Love of our God
Is the word that He shares

Gifts of surrender
When forgiveness is blessed
We are washed clean
When our sins are confessed

Drops of our gifting
From this humble plan
Showered in grace
Return as ocean

Light Disappears

When the sun is hidden
Cloudy is the way
Still the light is filtered
Leading us this day

When the sun falls away
Dark of night descends
Glimmer of the light appears
Through stars You send

In fear of arising
Unknown lies ahead
Roots of laid foundation
Through our faith we’re led

Time of the eye closing
Falling into prayer
Light of Spirit shines
In knowing You are here

To Proclaim

Every way the Spirit flows
We pray our heart will surely know
Just how adore us so
Your love to proclaim

When we fall and go astray
Within the soul our heart to say
Forgive us Lord our sin this day
Your mercy to proclaim

Freedom now from death and fear
Shouldering our cross we bear
Knowing that Your always near
You hope to proclaim

Purpose found in serving you
Praising you in all we do
Sharing of your message true
Your word to proclaim

Wisdom of our life to see
The blessings that we’ve shared with thee
Of love and hope and great mercy
For all eternity

Fruit of Heart

The tween within
The deep of inner
Thought begins

Fruit of heart
Through ego flow
Mirrors self
For all to know

Food of soul
Be prayer through thee
Cleansing heart
Of Spirit be

Intention pure
This soul of mine
The light of You
From inner shine


From our moments birth
To entrance of deaths door
Through an embrace of other
Your love does outpour

Coddled by grandparents
Tender parents touch
Time of life’s great sorrows
What we need so much

Time we’ve said goodbye
Or joy in greeting be
Welcome of a friend
Or lovers gaze we see

As we enter heaven
In vision of sublime
All the hugs collected
In one great hug we’ll find

Saviors Plea

Blessed peace of beauty be
Gift for all eternity

Promise by our Saviors plea
If you’ll accept my gift for free

Treasure cost the death of He
Through passion of the love of thee

Rejoice in joy of heavens key
Come share this gift with all you see

Claiming To Know

How can I claim to know?
The oceans to explore
When visions’ limited
To standing on the shore

How can I claim to know?
The power of sun proclaim
When my sight is seen
By candles simple flame

How can I claim to know?
The universe so vast
When my view at night
Is what the stars have cast

How can I claim to know?
Our God of glory great
By drops of silent light
In prayer to contemplate

What’s Passing By?

One by one
They’re driving by
A destination
In their eye

But do they see
What’s passing by
A whispered prayer
Today they’ll try

A sunrise gift
Within the sky
Or lonely soul
On help relies

Oh Spirit bloom
From love up high
To lift the view
To deify

Dichotomy of Blending

Open up the outer door
Two visions that we see
Pulls in two directions
A strange dichotomy

Stilling lake of silence
One of hearts console
Drawing prayer of peace
Nourishment of soul

Noise of rushing traffic
The worlds desire calls
One of worried tasks
Soon our path will fall

In vision of above
Through Spirit of the sending
To share Your drops of peace
Into world of blending

One Away

One moment away
From last breath of breathing
One step of unknown
Our judgment receiving

One event away
From losing our wealth
One heartbeat away
From losing our health

One decision away
From freedom to lose
One thought away
Our mind to confuse

World calls to us
To dwell in our fear
One prayer away
From Your security here