Easy be the word
I give you Lord a “yes”
But as You well know
I’ve something to confess

Lord I want to trust You
But I’ve apprehension
Known of the unknown
Pause with trepidation

Lord I feel Your smile
Know Your tender way
Let me grow in faith
With confidence to say

With You, I’m all in
Let my will endure
Ok I’ll admit
A little still unsure

Five Avenues

(based upon a blog by Prince Johnsite

Our God speaks to us
Of many ways to chose
Here are some to ponder
Five different avenues

Speaking through the Word
From garden He begun
Word of only love
The story of His Son

Through a still, small voice
Inner promptings near
Pause in seeking Spirit
Moral conscience hear

Sometimes through creation
A soul placed in our way
In our circumstances
Or beauty found this day

Sometimes of divine
In gifts of Spirit blessed
Spoken in a dream
Or an angel witnessed

Or perhaps a hunger
Desire of the soul
A stepping out in faith
Blessed in servants role

Whatever form may be
Oh let us be aware
Open ear of soul
To hear His voice so clear

Fingertip to Fingertip

Fingertip to fingertip
The current runs through
Connection of divine
Flowing from You

In this blessed moment
God and human be
Through the love of Son
A gift of unity

Holiness of being
Of Your touch intimate
Love of overflowing
Of grace ultimate

One to carry forward
Light of way impart
Through eye and ear and touch
Compassion of the heart


A bow before almighty
A gateway here we find
Power of precious Presence
Connection to divine

Light that overpowers
Yet humble of the way
Filter of the blessing
Shone throughout our day

Let us bask within You
Lifeblood of our soul
Ever flowing love
Our brokenness, console

Open wide the door
Rush to Your embrace
Prayer for even more
Rejoicing in Your grace

Embrace of Grace

Come closer my child
Speaks one, full of grace
Even, closer still
Know my embrace

Relax in my comfort
Release now all fear
For all those in heaven
Are with us right here

All who have loved you
Connect in our bond
Sing in rejoicing
The love of beyond

Song of desire
A knowledge impart
May love of our God
Be instilled in your heart

Wake Up

Wake up to this world this day
Before world steals our thoughts away

To come to You with will to pray
At the feet of Jesus lay

In love divine of passageway
Faith instilled, grace conveyed

Be joy or troubles in our way
Your providence be our mainstay

Spirit flow to soul inlay
May Your will my will obey

Fill our heart with light of ray
To shine Your joy to all today

Attuned Awareness

Attune the hearts direction
Purpose of eye seeking
Where the light is shining
Spirits voice is speaking

Attentive to the whisper
Of written Word within
Calling of divine
Let the soul draw in

Awareness be our guide
Soul of patience be
Revealing of the kingdom
Wisdom here to see

Acceptance of the blessing
Connection binding strong
Relationship of being
To place which we belong

Spirit of Guiding

In time of our prayer
With Presence residing
An offered request
Your Spirit of guiding

In conversations
When ego is stung
Responding in love
You guiding the tongue

Blessed with a gift
Let its’ beauty we see
Gratefulness spawn
To cherish with thee

When time is rushing
Past needy soul here
Whisper a pause
Compassion to share

With anticipation
In Your blessed view
Light of the guiding
In drawing to You

Solitude and Community

(Based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Through the discipline
Of solitude, seeing
We discover God’s space
In our most innermost being

Through the discipline
Of community
We discover Gods’ space
In our life, you and me

Both disciplines belong
Realization embrace
Within and among us
Are the same space

In that space divine
God’s Spirit prays
Let us seek it
All of our days

All My Struggles

All my struggles
Here this day
My wish is that
They’ll go away

Word instilled
You convey
Perhaps there is
Another way

Turn unto
The entryway
To be with You
In time to pray

Word of trust
Is what You say
Surrender now
The will obey

Before You now
My troubles lay
For by our side
You’ll always stay