Watch The Day Begin

Something in the sunrise
A calling from within
A special kind of blessing
To watch the day begin

Whole world of the turning
One unto the light
Found within the greeting
Gift of pure delight

Setting of perspective
To every soul embrace
In beauty of bestowing
This day’s a gift of grace

Light of the instilling
Spirits touch befall
Abundant is the blessing
Love is cast on all

Two beings of binding
Human and divine
Let’s all be One
Peace the song we find

Lost in Water Blue

Gazing in horizon
Captured in the view
Find the soul a drifting
Lost in water blue

Seen in the reflection
Light of facet true
Gentle wave of flowing
A grace granted by You

Just beyond the vision
A prayer enter into
Along this world we’re seeing
Is way of Spirit, too

Soul of the connection
A whisper to construe
In gifts of the unseen
The way of true value

First Breath of Light

As new light of dawning
Bursts into the scene
The first breath of light
Is pure and pristine

Filling the lungs
Drawing of deep
We find in its blessing
The Spirit to seep

Cool in its tasting
To nourish the soul
Flows through the body
One becomes whole

Response of exhaling
A surrender into
Of gratitude lifting
A prayer into You

Place of Beauty

Goal of hearts desire
Where you can fully be
Come now my beloved
Find your place of beauty

Be it in a sunrise
Of mountains majesty
A path within the woods
Or gaze upon the sea

Perhaps the work of hands
Garden which to tend
Food of the preparing
Coffee with a friend

Wherever joy is found
Where you are fully you
Let the Spirit shine
And let His love flow through

Early Fall Be

In afternoons shade
In early fall be
A breath of breeze blows
A resting in thee

Song birds are fading
A change in the tree
Waves softly lapping
In sweet harmony

Blue sky, the canvas
Clouds, dancing free
Soul turns towards drifting
A prayer, you and me

One with creator
In absorbency
Am entrance is found
And peace is the key

Sweet Child of Mine

Oh sweet child of mine
Gift of the divine
Trust you to our Lord’s embrace
And His true love you’ll find

Pray for hunger of the soul
Desire of your heart
Follow in the way prepared
Joy in gifts impart

In the cloud of darkest night
Do not soul despair
Roots of faith to grow of deep
To know He’s always there

Eye be of compassion true
Heart outpouring love
Mercy blessed be quick to share
View be from above

Know within the deep of soul
That I love you dear
Bound forever in our Lord
And in this prayer we share

Fresh is the Drawing

Deep are the colors of
Orange and blue
Gifted in dawning
This moment of you

Silver the shimmer
In lakes body flow
Peace is the message
You want us to know

Cool is the touching
Of toes in the dew
Gentle the cleansing
This birthing anew

Fresh is the drawing
Of morning’s breath air
Spirit is moving
Let Him pray here

The Way Into

Follow me the way into
A different kind of avenue

Be way of prayer, intent pursue
Path of divine, eternal view

Let Spirit guide, the light construe
The Word of love come shining through

In world above, this knowledge true
Just how He is loving you

Soul be blessed, restored anew
Go as One and be love too


Different forms of suffering
Of deep agony
Physical, financial
Or emotionally

Illness of the body
Pain too much to bear
Bound within the cross
Our Lord we find You there

Loss of our possessions
Disaster, time of strife
In hunger of our need
We find the bread of life

Hopeless heart is broken
Nothing to cling to
With a thread of faith
See the light shine through

In our Church of binding
Suffering, bear as one
Healing in the sharing
We pray Your will be done

Sit With Me in Silence

Mode of communication
Of intimacy
Sitting here in silence
Time for us to be

Comfortable in knowing
I love you as you are
Nothing here in proving
No false avatar

Resting in just presence
Acceptance here surround
Moment that just is
In grace that now abounds

Binding with the Spirit
That draws us into You
Unspoken Word of love
Is known spoken true