Seeking the Farmer

They’ve planted the seeds
Nourished the earth
Through perseverance
A prayer given birth

Warmed in light shining
As heavens rain flow
In time of the season
We see the fruits grow

In time of the harvest
Grace here bestow
Basket of filling
Now overflows

A bounty of blessings
To be given away
To those of encounter
Who’ll they meet this day

Let us be willing
Attune open ear
Seeking the farmer
For their wisdom shared

2 thoughts on “Seeking the Farmer”

  1. I love this poem. Jesus is the farmer of our souls! He helps them grow! I esp. like these line, “Through perseverance. A prayer given birth.” These seeds give birth to prayer when “watered” with dedication and love to our Father. Thanks for sharing this! I am more than happy to be starting to follow your blog now. 😀

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