Meister Eckhartโ€™s Thank You Prayer

If the only prayer
We said, was thank you
That would be enough
Do you think that’s true?

Acknowledging our God
In gratitude proclaim
A heart of thankfulness
Hallowed be his name

In good times and in bad
We are thankful still
On earth as in heaven
Let it be your will

Blessed with daily bread
Grace in all we see
Dependent for the gift
Of your great mercy

I think it is enough
When humble our heart be
And our soul is placed
Within the love of thee

Gift of Solemn Grace

Sun setting on water
Shining path of light
Ripples of the spirit
Lifting of soul bright

Solitude of flower
In the forest deep
Silence of surrounding
Into being seep

Blossom of the falling
Blanketing the ground
Beauty of abundance
Given fruit abounds

Foliage of cover
Blessing of embrace
Filters noise of useless
Gift of solemn grace

Focus of Being

Wrap me in silence
In light of the dawn
Let soul awaken
Your Spirit to spawn

May heart be willing
In blessed letting go
Emptying all
Pray Spirit now flow

Focus of being
Be Your precious light
Good God, Creator
A new way ignite

One of consuming
Of Spirit uplifting
May our mission be
One of regifting

Beginnings or Endings

Sunrise or sunset
Which choice would you make?
Iโ€™d chose the beginning
The sunrise to take

Hello or goodbye
Both tug at the heart
Iโ€™d pick the Hello
A greeting impart

Birth or our death
Which one to claim
That one is easy
All would be the same

How blessed are we
God blesses them are
Wisdom in each
When in His arms we fall

Morning Water

Still be mornings water
Song of solemn psalm
Silence of the calling
Inviting soul to calm

View flows to horizon
Eternal captures gaze
Light of hope is calling
Setting heart ablaze

Arise oh eyes of lifting
In peaceful covering
Surrender to the calling
Of Spirit hovering

Fall into reflection
In prayer of gift divine
Fragrance of the calling
Flow through this soul of mine

Flow Into My Room

Gentle new born light
Flow into my room
Gift of warming love
For soul to consume

Awakening this soul
With knowing of above
That our God is seeking
All with precious love

Offered gift prepared
Acceptance of desire
To infuse the soul
With the Spirits fire

Joy of bonding be
A filling of within
Together let us be
A journey to begin

Treasure of the Empty Present

A present beautiful
Underneath the tree
Unwrapping it with joy
Empty the box be

Come not disappointment
A gift to contemplate
Same as is our soul
This emptiness equate

Cherish this desire
To be filled with You
Let eye be of the soul
View gifts that we pursue

Lavished with Your blessings
All for us to share
Hope and peace and joy
Love beyond compare

Treasures of divine
Secure from rot or rust
Gift of faith is offered
In You we place our trust

Though beyond eyes sight
Eternal is their way
Store within lifeโ€™s passing
Nourished when we pray

One within His body
Abundant is Your giving
Emanuel is born
In us Christ is living

Cherish here this treasure
Of emptiness so fine
Forever of the filling
With gifts of the divine