Grave Without Flowers

A grave without flowers
Some day we will be
Our fear realized
We’re a lost memory

A body decaying
Consumed by the earth
Without that of Spirit
What is our worth?

A message this day
To rejoice in our gift
A moment of life
To cherish and lift

Hope in Your promise
Our soul You rescue
Eternal our being
By love binding in You

Portrait of Reflection

A portrait frozen
In the cool autumn air
A reflection of beauty
Of now to appear

Clarity’s focus
Of breath nice and slow
A stillness of moment
We’re gifted to know

Light of abundance
Peace of the view
An embrace of being
We’re welcomed into

A moment to cherish
In warmth from above
Through soul of the gazing
With our God of love

Everything’s Connected

Come now think about it
Let heart be affected
Just how incredible
Everything’s connected

As mornings light is sent
Blessed upon the earth
Nourished by the soil
A seed is given birth

Growth in time of passing
In rain and wind and air
Flower of the blossom
Beauty to appear

A child’s view upon it
Selection here is made
A gathering intention
A thought to be conveyed

Elderly is lonely
A question now to bear
Was my life worth living
Reliant still on prayer

Bursting in the room
Joy here to project
The child shares the gift
Let’s love to connect

One Word Woven

Words to us receiving
All throughout our day
A practice of responding
A pause for us to pray

Voice of anger raising
Words to us they shove
Direction of the turning
Responding now in love

Intimate their sharing
Trust in us impart
Compassion of the forming
Responding heart to heart

Bending of the truth
Opinion here they seek
With clarity of vision
Through tongue let Spirit speak

Within a song of lyric
Distractions here now cease
Drawing it to prayer
With the soul to feast

Be woven in the heart
One Word to proclaim
Shared with hope and joy
And Jesus is His name

We Marvel To See

A palette created
For the eye to see
To satisfy heart
Of need for beauty

Seasons of color
The glory of Spring
To lush green of Summer
A joy to us bring

In barren of Winter
White covering of grace
In turn of Autumn
A rust we embrace

Through pathway of prayer
We marvel to see
In colors beyond
Your light of beauty

Christmas Words

Christmas words surround us
Our rather, holiday
Let them not past by us
Dwell on what they say

Hope of a great message
Joy can truly be
Peace upon this world
Let them arise in me

A Saviour born to us
Truth now to realize
Eternal offered to us
This is our great prize

When upon their viewing
Let us turn to prayer
In the truth of knowing
God is with us here

Mutual Love

(Romans 12:9-16)

Let love be sincere
Evil let us hate
Hold onto what is good
Let our love be great

Honor one another
Do not grow slack in zeal
Be fervent in the Spirit
Serve the Lord genteel

In hope let us rejoice
Endure in affliction
Persevere in prayer
Giving our conviction

Blessing persecutors
Bless and do not curse
With hospitality
You grace to disperse

Rejoice with rejoicers
Weep with those who weep
Let us not be haughty
Friends of the lowly keep

Presence of Stilling

How sacred the space
Grace of fulfilling
A breath into You
Presence of stilling

Nourishment deep
Will to concede
Drawn into You
With all that I need

Adrift in beyond
Comfort in rest
Letting the soul
Fully be blessed

Time of true love
A glimpse here to see
A taste of desire
For eternity

Inheritance of Soul

I still think about her
Past half a century
Goodness of her soul
Grandmother blessed to me

Can’t help of the knowing
She watches over me
Whispering to Jesus
In bonding of the three

In our prayer of knowing
Spirit serves the role
Beyond our tongue of speaking
We bind soul to soul

Mystery of proving
Glimpse of God’s light shone
Love of everlasting
Past these human bones

Prayer of deep desire
Through God’s grace let it be
Inheritance of love
Let it pass through me


In days arising
May soul aspire
Wisdom of seeking
A view of the higher

When troubles arise
Days view seems dire
In prayer of the turning
Your view to acquire

Little gifts offered
Be our magnifier
Encouragement graced
Our soul inspire

Our sins forgiven
Our great purifier
Let us rejoice
With the angels choir

Oh spirit instill
Soul of desire
One beyond world
Of humble attire