Time of the Soul

Of blessed moments
The losing of me
In time of the soul
We truly can be

Birth of the new day
Of sunrise to flow
Moves into being
Connection to know

Deepest of silence
From a mountain peak
View of perspective
For the soul to seek

Horizon of ocean
Comforting waves
Drifting beyond
Of what the soul craves

Into unseeing
Time of our prayer
So Holy the presence
Beyond all compare

Soul of dwelling into
Something of the greater
Beautiful to be
One with our creator

New Values

In this twisted world
So difficult to see
Would you help me friend?
Please encourage me

You ask how I’m doing
I am a busy bee
Respond that you are sorry
And you’ll pray for me

You ask how I’m doing
Highlights of my day
Sunrise, flowers blooming
In gratitude let’s pray

I saw an old man smile
I watched the clouds go by
I listened to a soul
Compassion eye to eye

Let us change direction
New values now to be
Sharing of God’s treasures
Love shared ‘tween you and me