Still You

Still raw is your passing
You’re in a better place
Your hope in gift of faith
Is answered by His grace

Still here is our sorrow
In random burst of tears
Drifting in our loss
Your emptiness felt here

Still in life’s reflection
The love to us you shared
We see your shadow cast
In many ways, you cared

Still we walk our path
With joy and sorrow, feeling
In prayer, we’ll be with You
A new way you’ll be healing

Still we’ll remember you
Etched within our heart
For now, your closer still
Through love that you’ll impart

5 thoughts on “Still You”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry. And what a sweet, poignant tribute. I was thinking yesterday that I would not call my mother (nor any others I’ve lost) back to this world, nor would she wish to return. However, it’s all the harder without her kind of sunshine, here, and very saddening (bordering on baffling) that she met none of her great-grandchildren, nor they, her. Ah, well.. one must go on simply trusting in all the love that cannot be seen, now.

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