You Taught Me to Pray

Engrained in my soul
Of early memory
How you taught me to pray
Your faith you shared with me

We’d pray every night
Your love of God to show
And like a young bird’s flight
In time you let me go

Through the season flow
From path I sometimes stray
Through knowledge of your prayers
Returning to the way

At your funeral
We join in the Lord’s prayer
Finding strength within
The love in which we share

2 thoughts on “You Taught Me to Pray”

  1. A gift from my wife (August 24, 2007):

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit,
    I ask this day that my prayers may merit
    The mercy of the Lord, my God, my All
    With the sign of the Cross, His Sacrifice I recall.

    As I raise my hand up to my head,
    I remember poignant words in the Gospels I read.
    As my hand moves lower down towards my heart,
    It is from our Lord Jesus I wish never to part.

    As I finish my movements across my shoulders and chest,
    I pray with the Blessed Trinity I shall eternally rest.

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