Place of Comfort

You’re my place of comfort
Where we can truly be
Embrace in love secure
Flowing over me

One of heavens tasting
Silent peace surrounds
Nourishment for soul
As Spirit here abounds

A drawing of the greater
Deeper drifting still
Promise of the knowing
That You will fulfill

Desire of the staying
Leave the world behind
Return to path of walking
At end this place we’ll find

Hey Ma

Hey Ma, how ya doin’?
Oh, there’s such beauty
Fear not, my beloved
One day you will see

Everything is clear
Now I understand
Revealed in perfection
The glory of His plan

Know that I’ll be with you
Through Spirits guiding light
Trust within our faith
All will be all right

We will be as one
With each prayer you say
Watching over you
And with you every day

The Great Turnaround

Let us pause a moment
Of mystery, profound
Encountering our Jesus
In the great turnaround

Intentional or not
Love in which to share
Heaven to this earth
A reaching out to care

We’re going to find Christ
In our daily view
Truly in the ones
We came to give Christ to

You think you’re helping them
Joy in the breakthrough
When in fact they are
Being Christ to you

Space of Holy

Soft is the silence
Of tender embrace
Comforting soul
With fragrance of grace

Safe of the dwelling
Of nourishment, be
Presence surrounding
Space of Holy

Time of the drifting
In soul of the grafting
Easy the way
In Spirit of drafting

Stone of foundation
Faith of root deep
In way of the journey
Let this moment keep

A place beyond
This world to know
Of Spirits way
To go with the flow

Grains of Time

Awakening unto
Precious grains of sand
A little gift of time
Is placed into our hands

One of our unknowing
Be many or be few
As within Your way
Let’s offer them to You

May souls desire be
Of binding with You here
In serving those in need
And blessed in time of prayer

When placed in Your Presence
We pray that we will see
A simple grain of sand
Binds to eternity

Dawning’s Prayer

Let’s meet on the shore line
To be of the dawning
In light of newborn
Sweet silence of morning

First movement of day
One of the binding
Way of the moment
Spirit of finding

Surrender the offer
Humbleness show
One of accepting
Your love to know

Beyond tongue of speaking
Souls gift to share
Deeper connection
Of the one gift we bear

Space of Spirit

Space of Spirit
As is the air
Is always here

Born on the day
For all the lost
Of passions breath
Last one from the cross

Breath of desire
Of offering
Awaiting acceptance
Binding to bring

Intentional clearing
Of inner space
Through breath of the soul
One Spirit embrace

Nothing More

Let me share with you
A prayer that’s going ’round
If we truly live it
We’ll see that it’s profound

“Thy will, O Lord, be done.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
And Nothing else. Amen.”
Let my soul profess

Though difficult to live
Repeating these words be
A prayer to mold the heart
A change in my will, see

Using gifting’s blessed
In light of kingdoms view
In good times and in bad
Trust to place in You

Come One

Come now one beloved
Attune to light within
Come now know my calling
Let our prayer begin

Rest now one of dwelling
May all worries go
Come now know my loving
Let the Spirit flow

Be now one of knowing
Binding to the core
Come now know rejoicing
Let us all adore

Come now one of loving
Way has been prepared
Go now child blessed
Let our joy be shared


Consent of awareness
In this moment of prayer
Through soul of the seeing
You’re of everywhere

Consent of acceptance
Of the love You endow
Let soul welcome all
Right here and right now

Consent to Your seeking
To let soul be found
Of letting you in
and Presence surround

Consent to our being
My will to concede
One of the knowing
You’re all that I need

Consent to my weakness
You take what I give
In practice of growing
Of consent to be lived