Prisoner and Captor

Both a prisoner
And a captor be
Stuck behind the bars
Yet I hold the key

Bitterness and anger
Is of my decree
Still I seek revenge
For what they did to me

Lord I need a Savior
To walk within Your way
Receiver of Your mercy
Same my soul portray

Intentional this prayer
In time of letting go
My hope and desire
To help us make it so

Drops of Patient Love

Insight of the dawning
Of horizons glow
Birthing of the light
Is so soft and slow

Gentle of the moving
Of this beauty, see
Reflections through the soul
Awakening to be

Through hardships and joy
Found is the knowing
Your grace never ends
Relationship growing

Faith of our life living
Gift of the divine
Gradual the trusting
Of this soul of mine

Treasure in the binding
In every moment here
With drops of patient love
Wisdom that You share

A Lifting Unto You

In a moment holy
Intimate of gifting
Meditate upon
A prayer the word, lifting

An offer unto You
Surrender of the will
Turning to our Savior
Our soul here to still

An acknowledgement
We are souls in need
Of Your mercy great
Dependent we concede

A song of our passion
Desire of our heart
Grateful be receivers
Of Your love, impart

Known within the soul
Useless our lifting be
Without Your precious grace
And blessed humility

Old Man’s Mirror

There is an old man in the mirror
Confused is the look on his face
Not where he thought that he’d be
Reflection of path to retrace

Things of the soul that he treasures
Mistakes in the wounds that he bears
No matter how God shows the way
Still there are things that he fears

Wisdom in stories assembled
Of God’s view the vision is clear
Time of the precious few moments
Are those which we spent in our prayer

Souls of the binding collected
Entwined in the guiding of way
Dwell in the soul of remembrance
Some still in the love of this day

Value of life in the dawning
Abundant the gifts that God shares
Gratefulness in the receiving
True joy when we bless His wares

Found in the light that we follow
Mercy of new cleans the slate
Hope of the pathway resetting
My child it’s never too late

The Rising Mist

A view this day
Through window clear
Of moistures rise
Into the air

A moving flow
Of silent song
Inviting soul
To come along

So humble be
This drawing gift
In calling all
Of prayer to lift

A fall into
The rising mist
In Spirits way
Soul to subsist

Infuse into
A prayer of one
Our praise unto
The light of Son

A Pause of Winter Snow

Viewing of the winter snow
Or rather, it found me
Pausing of the busy
To marvel in beauty

Firstborn of the season
One to dedicate
A prayer unto Creator
For His gift so great

Blessed within the falling
A peaceful covering
A surrendering unto
Is our offering

Worldly plans obscured
By horizon white
Adrift within the blessings
Of this new insight

When Heaven is Reached

A prayer of my heart
But word I failed to say
When heaven is reached
Please some way convey

Through word of a dream
So audible
The message was passed
“It’s so beautiful”

When dawning arose
A heart of delight
In vision of beauty
Of the morning light

A surprise to see
A name that is known
In colors of deep
A cross that is shown

I’m sure we’ll see
If we are aware
Of you sending us
An answer to prayer