Moment Historic

A preparation
In room of the upper
A great celebration
Of the Lords, last supper

As friends, they did gather
Little did they know
The moment historic
The way Lord would show

Did souls realize?
As they drank it up
Partaking in bread
The impact of the cup

Did they find the value?
A gift to reveal
His sacrifice
Is the price of this meal?

Did they take for granted?
This blessed grace true
The ripple beyond
Same for me and you


As we come to Easter
Of Passion created
Amazing events
That God orchestrated

A donkey, some oil
A cup that was shared
A celebration
A meal was prepared

Peters’ denial
As Judas departs
Guilty of sin
We all play a part

A prayer in the garden
Submission of will
Through pain of scourging
He endured still

A death on a cross
Event so surprising
Through passion of Jesus
Joy in the rising

Help us to remember
In joy and our strife
In will of our choosing
He orchestrates our life

A Blessing of Grace

We come face to face
With our Jesus to be
Word that is spoken
How blessed are we

Light of abundance
Of radiant glow
Being of dwelling
Let Spirit here flow

How precious this treasure
Of humility
Our divine Creator
Of intimacy

Let us hold close
In souls warm embrace
Let us go forth to be
A blessing of grace

A Little Window

Create a little window
To let my light shine through
Spirit of the flowing
Some ideas for you

Pause within the sunshine
To let it warm your face
Soaking to the soul
One of inner space

Song of the soul singing
Flowing out of praise
Gratitude of being
Psalm of Spirit raise

Act of humble kindness
One to not repay
Soul of the encounter
Goodness send their way

Word within of dwelling
Spark of deep insight
Savoring the meaning
Soul of flame, ignite

Silence In You

Softly, so slowly
Subsiding into
Solitudes sweetness
Silence in You

Peacefulness pouring
Pure love so true
Powerful Presence
Praying in You

Angels accepting
Arising anew
Adrift in above
Abiding in You

Lulling light lifting
Luscious of hue
Letting in love
Longing in You

Waters of the Soul

Source of life within
The eternal waits
Dwell waters of the soul
Take stock of its fate

Neglected or ignored
No Spirit flowing through
Dried up and stagnating
Pray focus now anew

Oh Savior, living spring
Cleansing of our sin
Gift through Spirit flow
New way here begin

Prayer of feeding stream
Source of grace to seep
Constant source of light
Flow into the deep

Faith to still the surface
Tranquil water be
Jesus of the calming
Flow to eternity

A Living Eulogy

A living eulogy
Of writing, here this day
If you are a parent
You scribe it anyway

Things you teach your children
Priorities instill
Way of life’s importance
Goals they will fulfill

People of surrounding
Of ones which they will bond
With character creating
Souls of which they’re fond

Did they treasure kindness
Or generosity
Show a love so pure
Self-sacrifice to be

A fallen broken soul
When they lost their way
Their story of faith written
Answered when we pray

Entrance to the door
Key of eternity
Will they trust our God
Let His love flow through me

Inputs Everywhere

Senses are flowing
Inputs everywhere
World to us is calling
Sifting through sins snare

Let us claim a moment
Withdrawing now to prayer
Answering the question
What do I do hold dear?

Jesus is our treasure
Heaven is found here
Spirit’s word of guiding
Seek his wisdom clear

Setting of foundation
Path of setting clear
From inner light of shining
Of His way let us share


How can a simple human
Begin to understand
Things we all desire
In our heart to land

To grasp the Spirits breath
Beam of light embrace
To hold the gift of love
Cling to offered grace

Not of our doing be
But only to believe
Through the gift of prayer
Word to us receive

We are more than mortal
With gift of the divine
Through exercise of soul
Attainable we find