Prayer of the Moonlight

Within the moonlight
Of its soft warming glow
In calm of the night
Peacefulness flows

Arising within
The Spirt to seep
A stirring of soul
A movement so deep

In light of reflection
Of heavens embrace
Connection beyond
A blessing of grace

A moment of fullness
Of God’s binding here
Gratefulness calls
A response of pure prayer

4 thoughts on “Prayer of the Moonlight”

  1. My family celebrates the Mid-Autumn festival with friends each year. This Chinese festival is something akin to the US Thanksgiving. The sentiment is that everyone sees the same moon the world over so if we look up to the moon at this time of celebration we connect with distant family and friends. Our own tradition is to write “moon poems.” They range from the ridiculous to the sublime and each year and award a prize to the “best.” It’s great fun. But mostly I tell this story because I may steal yours for next fall! I haven’t won a prize in all the years we’ve been celebrating this way and it’s time to resort to extreme measures! Thanks for the poetry!

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  2. Hi Daryl
    I often just read your inspiring poems in the WordPress reader I must confess. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m starting a link next Friday with a focus on faith, family and France. I’d love it if you’d come along a link up as I wanted a place where people can be inspired by their faith journey, and your posts obviously do that.
    I think you subscribe anyway? If you do you’ll get an email saying when the post is live. It will be great to see some of your work there. Just an FYI its going live 12.00pm Paris time.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all your posts that have lifted me up in the past.

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