As we come to Easter
Of Passion created
Amazing events
That God orchestrated

A donkey, some oil
A cup that was shared
A celebration
A meal was prepared

Peters’ denial
As Judas departs
Guilty of sin
We all play a part

A prayer in the garden
Submission of will
Through pain of scourging
He endured still

A death on a cross
Event so surprising
Through passion of Jesus
Joy in the rising

Help us to remember
In joy and our strife
In will of our choosing
He orchestrates our life

5 thoughts on “Orchestrated”

  1. I admire the way you constructed this poem. It flows easily while capturing many of the details of Christ’s Passion and brings the reader right to the message. Thanks for sharing your gift and reminding us of the one God gave us.

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  2. Finding more and more Christian poetry bloggers and you are the latest! God bless you for your witness and talent—and for encouraging this blogger who has felt like one “crying in the wilderness” for so long! God blrss you!

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